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Bose's new noise-masking earbuds may help you sleep easily

16 November 2017 1

Bose is a renowned name in the market for audio products. It has worked on and released different types of audio products aimed at users with different needs and budget. And now, it has announced that the team is working on a new set of noise-masking earbuds called Sleepbuds which are aimed at helping users sleep with ease. The most interesting things about this upcoming product are that it will be Bose's smallest-ever product and is also the first one which is getting crowdfunded.

The Bose Sleepbuds are currently up for a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo platform where it has already surpassed its initial goal of $50,000. It has actually attracted over 2800 backers who have pledged to raise over $445,000 so far. This is certainly a good thing for the company as it said that the reason behind opting for the crowdfunding method was to bring in customers earlier than they usually do as well as to solidify the vision.

These earbuds look like any other earbuds that you see in the market but are made up of soft material so that you don't have any trouble sleeping while putting them on. They connect to the Bose Sleep app through which you can choose from 10 different soothing sounds. Each of these sounds has been selected and fine-tuned in such a way that they mask any kind of noise around you and help you fall asleep easily. The team said that these earbuds can mask all sorts of noise like honkings, snores, people talking, or even noisy neighbors. There is also the option to set up an alarm which will make sure that wake up on time.

Bose said that these earbuds will retail for $249 once they become available to the public but it offered different early-bird discounts as part of the Indiegogo campaign. These were priced at $150, $160, $175, and $180 but as you would expect, all of them are now sold out. It means if you are interested in buying Sleepbuds, you will have to shell out the full retail price unless Bose comes up with some other kind of discount. As for the battery backup, these are said to be capable of offering two nights of sleep on a single full charge and the bundled charging case offers an extra night's sleep.

If you want to know more or contribute to the campaign, click the source link below.



Bose's new noise-masking earbuds may help you sleep easily
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Oh dear, it's noise-masking earbuds and I read noise-making earbuds, and how such earbuds would help anyone sleep :D :D Anyway, good to see the first crowdfunded project.


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