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Acer Aspire 4530 - Review,Specs,Price in India

03 August 2008 19

Acer Aspire 4530 is a multimedia laptop based on the Acer Gemstone design with a bright CrystalBrite display.It is powered by the Athlon 64 X2 QL-60 1.9 GHz processor.
It's specs are:

  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 QL-60 1.9GHz Processor
  • 3600MHz Bus Speed
  • nVIDIA nForce MCP77MH Chipset
  • 2GB(up to 4GB) DDR2-667/PC2-5300 Memory
  • 120GB HDD
  • DVD Writer
  • 14.1-inch WXGA Widescreen CrystalBrite LCD
  • nVIDIA GeForce 9100M G Integrated
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • 6-cell Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Battery

Price and Availability: It is available at price of Indian Rupees(INR) Rs. 31,000 in India



Acer Aspire 4530 - Review,Specs,Price in India
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Cheated by acer

after 1 month i bought this piece of trash, my right speaker suddenly stop working and after several months both of my speaker stop working..
when i claimed warranty they treated me like a worm..so stop purchased anything from acer..
they they sell to you they will not give a damn about you anymore


i got it siince 12 months
i'll say gor for it
not too bad
value for money, look is good
body is nt durable, but over all performance is somewht 8 outof 10
web cam quality is best ever i had seen


I bought this notebook 6 months back for 32000/-.
As of now, I do not have any real troubles with this notebook.
The look is cool a with good quality sound.
Most of the games will run great on it ... but I do have problems playing Resident Evil 5, its quite slow.
The webcam quality is good.
Screen resolution could have been better.
Overall, complete 'paisa vasool' notebook.

Thank you!!


hi frnds, i jus got this laptop last evening. dunno much abt this... ideally speaking does this suffice the basic needs other than games.... i want mainly work on MS office and on internet... please if some one can jus let me know if this is gud for this purpose...
thanks a tonne


i bought this notebook last year on august but after using for 2 months my notebook sound didn't work including the webcam and sometimes the usb port worked strangely...i dont know why this piece of shit work


hi, i got this one too almost a year now, i upgraded my ram to 4 GB and use a vista ultimate as my OS, i upgraded my hard drive to 500gb, and update all the drivers including the video card. What can i say this thing is so damn good, it only took me 7 seconds from turning on to log in on my laptop, but the like what they say its the battery problem, let me tell you something why it heat so fast and drain the battery too its because its video card is not built in. that is one the reason why you run out of battery so fast and it heats like a flat iron when u play games. But the is one of the best laptop for multimedia project.


well guys i owe this laptop now for around 7-8 mnths...
i just had a pro wit the video cord n it was replaced pretty quickly i should say !!!
n this laptop is made for playin games bro..
its got 9100m G geforce..
its the best for palyin ne games..i also used to play A3india for 10-11 hrs staright but i didnt had ne pro...the only pro i get is wit the battery life n teh heatin pro...tats it...
otherwise its good overall
7.5/10 for me..


as u say battery seems so bad and also heating problem is too much to handle .. its worth to play games but i cant affford this lap to keep on charging and planing to sell it soon atleast for 25.000....intrested mail me at phykyjuan@hotmail.com


my laptop acer aspire 4530 got very hot after the gaming when a play a game for only 2-3 hour whats it effact. can this harm to my laptop i m satisfy with my laptop sound and picture cliyerty.


This is a good all rounder but dont expect to play games on this laptop. The driver quality is a problem. The Integrated graphics (Nvidia Geforce 9100M G) Strangely Nvidia does not seem to have drivers on its web site for this card. the driver provided by acer is outdated.
Sound quality is extremely good but then again my left speaker has stopped working just after two months of purchase date. I even claimed waranty but then again Acer does not have good after sales support and i have been waiting for my speaker to arrive for more than three months.
Battery life is very bad; the battery runs out faster than you can say holly god what happened!!!.
Lastly the cover is gloss finish prone to scratches just like apple ipod.
DONT Buy this piece of junk just because of the lucrative price and specs you'll end up in trouble just like me. As for me I will throw this junk next month out of my window maybe then i'll get a peace of mind.


j00 fail bros... You got the model wrong... its a RM-70 2.0GHz Turion.... so please if it is cheap ...bbbbbbuuyyyyy.. COD4 can be played on low settings, C& C3 at low settings too.. with more ram i think can push to medium


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