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Amazon Alexa getting human-like vibe as its learning human speech behavior fast

22 November 2018 2

AI-assistants are getting well equipped and thus gaining more popularity in the use cases this technology could be used for in years to come. While China has already developed fully-automated bots newscasters that resemble so much like a real human news reader, we could only wait and see where this industry is heading. While AI-assistants get things done on our behalf when it comes to the performing tasks that are mostly software oriented, these AI-assistants are now getting much more realistic voice feedback to mimic a real-life human assistant in place.

These assistants are utilized via various smart home products, Amazon’s Alexa based smart home speakers are leading the industry with a wide range of such products to choose from. Besides all this, Alexa creators believe that they could do a better job at making Alexa sound more humanistic and most of that task is actually being done by Alexa its self.

While most assistants only join together different words spoken picking from different soundbites though Alexa is being trained for that otherwise. Making her listen hours and hours of actual newscasters, the AI could then pickup variations in words to be applied to its speech. Listen to the newscaster like Amazon Alexa voice as it gets improved with time.

Currently, Amazon is training Alexa for newscaster style of speech considering the demand. A lot of Alexa users use the technology to listen to the news in the morning and getting a much human-like (though you could clearly distinguish between a human and bot) vibe to it feels better while consuming news content.

What do you think about this? How often do you utilize AI-Assistants in your everyday lifestyle? Let us know in the comment section below.



Amazon Alexa getting human-like vibe as its learning human speech behavior fast
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It's quite interesting to see AI-new readers. When seen first, it's so hard to believe that it's not a human reading a news piece.


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