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Amazon to augment its A.I. use in the Web Services department

28 May 2016 0

When it comes to ‘Infrastructure as a Service’, we all know how dominant Amazon is. It’s possible due to the large number of returning customers who have always remained loyal to the company. These customers vary in size and types of their business. There’s a common thread in them all – the use of Amazon Web Services. However, things don’t remain cozy all the time and such a big company like Amazon also has reasons to worry about.

The ‘threat’ is the revolution of Artificial Intelligence. The issue with Amazon is that customers tend to jump to other providers that are more apt with A.I. And these aren’t good signs for the company. One of the biggest threats to Amazon is Google and its Tensor Processing Units. The search engine giant brought these special TPUs to its public cloud servers. In such a case, how could Amazon look around quietly?

According to the people from the know, the company has started to test a novel core component, which will be used in the company’s Web Services. Actually, this was made available to a subsection of Amazon’s customers in 2015. The aim of the new component is to ease things for customers so that they can easily run the A.I. apps. With this, it will be possible to use natural language commands, learn patterns and carry out voice transcription.

The A.I. can also be used in a more complex way so it can let Amazon carry out more logical things with the A.I. apps. A couple of examples of this include keeping a watch on employees in the management and reception based on the same technique.

Amazon wasn’t the only company to have been inspired by the introduction of Google’s TPUs. One of the top company’s in the industry, IBM, may come up with something on their own after these offerings from Google. As far as Amazon is concerned, it is planning to offer news PCs to its customers so they can tackle the ‘threat’ from Google’s TPUs. It’s understood that the new computers from Amazon will have 8 Nvidia GPUs. Though these things are almost final, Amazon didn’t specify any particular date for the release.



Amazon to augment its A.I. use in the Web Services department
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