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Alexa makes its way to Amazon Music app on iOS and Android

27 September 2017 2

Amazon launched its standalone music streaming service a year ago to compete with the likes of Apple Music and Spotify. Within a month, the company rolled out the Amazon Music Unlimited for a $149 yearly plan to be used by up to 6 members in a family. A month after offering the Amazon Music Unlimited at a 50% discount for Students, Amazon is now adding its popular Alexa voice assistant to its Amazon Music app for Android and iOS.

The addition of Alexa would let users use voice controls to request a song or search for an artist or album. Users can also ask Alexa to play songs depending on your mood, the same way they interact with their Echo Speakers, allowing them to demand songs while running or while out on a road trip.

The feature is currently only available for Amazon Music users in the UK, the US, Australia and Germany and comes as a move to compete with its market counterparts. The inclusion of Alexa would also allow users to search for a song by searching for its lyrics. So, you no longer need to be concerned about missing out on listening to a song if you don’t know the name of the artist or the album.

While Amazon Echo was mainly used to search and play music online without actually typing the same, it makes sense that Amazon is bringing voice controls to its music streaming app on iOS and Android. With this update, Amazon Music has an extra trick in its hat, considering the fact that Apple Music’s Siri controls only works on the iOS and not Android and Spotify has nothing going its way. So, if Amazon wishes to bring more features to its service, the future looks all bright for them.



Alexa makes its way to Amazon Music app on iOS and Android
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