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AMD 7nm based Navi GPU spotted in Linux driver code

19 December 2017 1

AMD has been working not only on its software with the release of the Radeon Adrenalin driver software but also with its hardware as a new GPU in the works has been spotted. The company’s upcoming GPU architecture called “Navi” based on the 7nm process has surfaced online. How does this news come to us? Well, through a supposedly “Super Secret” ID which was revealed in an AMD driver for Linux. The code revealed reads as:


The giveaway was the number 10 as Vega was listed as the number 9. Almost all times the hardware code is listed in the Linux driver revealing many upcoming products ahead of official release. The code on Linux usually has to be updated much before the GPUs arrival so it was bound to pop up at some time or the other. Going by this, AMD is working on a Navi based GPU. Rumour has it that AMD will be "gluing" together many small 7nm dies to make a larger one. This isn’t uncommon and we saw it happen with Threadripper as the company used infinity Fabric to link 4 Zeppelin dies to create 32 core EPYC processors and 2 Zeppelin dies to create Threadripper chips.

Having somewhat the same setup on the GPU will allow for better clock speeds and will result in better overall performance as well as reduced manufacturing cost. AMD’s first Navi GP may arrive with either HBM3 or GDDR6, both of which are improvements over the current generation of memory used on graphics cards. Speculation points to a Q2 launch of the Navi GPU and other details such as clock speeds or even pricing are still unheard of.



AMD 7nm based Navi GPU spotted in Linux driver code
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