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Here's how you can replace Nokia 8 screen and battery easily

30 October 2017 2

Screen display on smartphones are very susceptible to damage. If you’re wondering why that is considering most devices nowadays come with Gorilla Glass 5, it’s because the manner in which a screen cracks depends upon the type and kind of fall it takes, including its impact. The Nokia 8 is a sturdy device as it withstood the durability tests thrown at it. However, if you do find yourself needing a screen or battery replacement, this is definitely going to help you get the job done!

Applying a little heat to the screen helps to remove some of the adhesive holding the screen to the frame of the Nokia 8. Use a pry tool to run along the sides of the screen and lift it slowly without applying too much of force. There are two ribbon cables holding the screen to the frame of the phone. Remove the screws and the bracket and gently pull the ribbon cables out. To dig even deeper, you will need to remove 19 screws to access the battery of the Nokia 8.

The battery is placed below the screen and can easily be pried out. Removing the motherboard is a little tricky as it involves removing a lot of other small components inside the Nokia 8 like the camera, headphone jack and other ribbon cables. Placing the device back is like tearing it down but in reverse! If you’re attempting this repair, make sure to be patient and keep all the screws safely.

NOTE: Whatever you do, do try it at your own risk as this can lead to irreversible damage beyond repair. Mobilescout takes no responsibility of any damage caused to your phone.



Nokia 8 screen and battery replacement guide
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