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6 best Xiaomi Mi A1 camera tips and tricks to click better photos

31 October 2017 4

The Xiaomi Mi A1 is a mid-range smartphone with stock Android and dual cameras on the back. The setup comprises of dual 12-megapixel cameras with f/2.2 and f/2.6 aperture where the second one is a telephoto lens. This allows you to click portrait shots (Bokeh effect) and also make use of 2x optical zoom. But the camera app on the device offers various settings and customization options to help you improve your photography experience.

So, here are 6 best Xiaomi Mi A1 camera tips and tricks to help you click better photos.

1. Click Insta-ready photos

If you are someone who shares photos on Instagram quite often, then you must know the struggle of trying to click a photo in such a way that it can be shared on the platform without getting cropped. But thanks to Xiaomi, the Mi A1 camera app has a feature called Square which lets you click Instagram-ready square-frame photos. It means no matter what photo you click using this frame, it will get uploaded to Instagram perfectly without getting cropped.

To use this, you simply need to tap Options on the camera app and choose the Square option.

2. Use voice to click photos

The camera app on the Mi A1 comes with an option called Audio which clicks photo as soon as it detects an audio. It comes handy in different situations, especially when you want your hands to be free before the photo gets clicked. The feature is not tied to a specific voice command and you can make any sound after which a 3-second timer will start and photo will get clicked.

3. Straighten your shots

If you are interested in clicking a photo of an object which is slightly tilted or let's say you are not able to hold your phone straight (with respect to the subject of your choice) for any reason, you can make use of the Straighten option. This feature works exactly as suggested by the name and straightens your tilted shots automatically. While it can also be wrong considering that it is just a software, it is right for the most.

4. Manual controls

While the Mi A1 does a good job at clicking photos by default, it is always good to have the option of controlling some things manually. It lets you do exactly the same as you can easily adjust White Balance, Focus, Exposure Time, ISO, and Lens manually. Adjust these aspects as per your need or preference to get the desired shot next time.

5. Adjust camera frame

The camera frame on the Mi A1 is set to 4:3 aspect ratio by default but if you want, you can change it to get a wider frame. The camera app allows you to go for the 16:9 Full-screen frame which gives you more area to capture more. Switching between the two frames is fairly easy, you simply need to visit app settings and choose Camera Frame option.

6. Adjust Saturation and Auto-exposure

The Mi A1 camera further allows you to adjust saturation and auto-exposure to get the result you want to achieve. Both these aspects can be adjusted from camera app settings as shown in the screenshots below.

The Xiaomi Mi A1 isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



5 best Xiaomi Mi A1 camera tips and tricks to click better photos
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