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Twitter users break past Twitter character limit with a tweet of 35,000 characters

06 November 2017 0

Twitter, the much-loved social media platform for expressing views and opinions has received much love and hate over the past years. What was once a maximum tweet limit of 140 characters was rumoured to increase and it did so in grand fashion. The 140-character restriction was doubled and it now lies at a maximum of 280 characters. Well, it seems like two Twitter users wanted to have some fun by creating quite a bit of trouble for Twitter.

Two German men decided to play a trick on Twitter and break the maximum twitter post limit. However, they didn’t aim for a normal 281 words, they went all out! In grand fashion, they broke the limit with what must be a world record for the largest tweet ever made, making a post of 35,000 characters. Twitter has deleted the tweet but a user has managed to save it so it lives on forever. A quick Google translate will help you make sense of what the tweet opens with:

People! @Timrasett and @HackneyYT can exceed the character limit! You do not believe us? Here’s about 35k characters proof.

Following this, is a string of different letters and numbers which appear to be gibberish. Does it seem gibberish to you? Well, apparently one Twitter user did a bit of digging and found out that it was actually a URL. Well, Twitter was quick to respond and punished the two offenders by temporarily banning their accounts. However, their accounts are back in operation and they succeeded in getting the attention of one of the largest social media platforms.



Twitter users break past Twitter character limit with a tweet of 35,000 characters
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