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How to add multiple accounts to Gmail app on Android phone

09 November 2017 4

It’s quite easy to add multiple email accounts to the Gmail app and manage them. Gmail app lets you access different accounts without any problem. In fact, the app syncs efficiently and refreshes itself to show you new emails. Login through the browser, again and again, isn’t preferable and hence one must add multiple email accounts to the Gmail app as the app easily syncs every new app so that you won't need to re-open your account anywhere else.

You can’t only add multiple Gmail accounts but also other accounts as well to the Gmail app. For instance, you can add Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Exchange, and Office 365 as well. So, whenever you need to switch between the different accounts, you just need to open the Gmail app to have an easy access to every mail.

So, let’s get started and see first how to do it.

How to add multiple Gmail accounts to the Gmail app

This is a quick step by step guide in which we will make you learn how to merge your different Gmail accounts on the existing Gmail app. The process is quite easy.

1. Open the Gmail app and click on the three horizontal lines (menu) provided at the top left corner

2. The side menu will open up.

3. Click the drop-down arrow button provided next to your existing email address and name

4. Click "+ Add account" to add a new Gmail account (as shown in the above screenshot)

5. A new page "Set up email" will open with many email options

6. Select Google

7. Next page will open up Sign in page, where you need to add the email address of the Gmail account that you want to add. Enter the password in the next page and after signing in the account will get added and it will be shown under the same drop-down menu as seen in step 3.

So, this was the process you followed for combining your two or more Gmail accounts on Gmail app of Android. Now, it's time to learn how to add and manage other accounts.

How to add different email accounts to the Gmail app

Follow the 1 to 5 steps provided above and then choose the email account you want to add to the Gmail app. Here, I am showing you an example, how to add the Yahoo mail account to the Gmail app and starting syncing every new app and stay updated. While you're on the 5th step, select Yahoo from the menu and proceed.

2. Sign in page will open where you need to enter your Yahoo email address and password so as to add the account.

3. After this page, the new page will ask you if you're fine with providing the Gmail app the following permissions.

4. Click Agree and the account will be added.

Now, to use different accounts you just need to click the email address that can now be seen in the side menu of the Gmail app. You've already provided the syncing permission at the time of adding the account, so the app will automatically fetch new emails and show to you.

So, now, you know how to different accounts to the Gmail app and switch between them.



How to add multiple accounts to Gmail app on Android phone
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