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How to remove Gmail account from Android phone

10 November 2017 3

So, you have added multiple Gmail accounts to your Android Phone using Gmail app but you want to remove one of them for some reasons. Well, removal of the Google account from the Android phone is as easy as adding it. In future, if you want to add this deleted account then you can add it again as well without in hassle.

However, before removing the account from the Android phone, you must know that the apps you purchased from the Google Play Store using the account you’re about to delete will be lost and thus you won’t be able to access them. Apart from apps, you won’t be able to access the other data that’s associated with the account.

So, finally, you're sure about deleting the account from the Android phone now, follow these simple basic steps and get your task done.

Removing the account from Android phone

Removing a Google account from Android phone is quite simple and easy.

1. Head over to the Settings of your phone

2. Select Account

3. Select Google

4. In the next step, you would see the names of all those Google accounts you have added to your Android device previously.

5. Now select the one you want to delete.

6. Now select the three vertically stacked dots provided on the top right corner and select Remove account.

7. A new message box will appear that will remind you that deleting this account will delete all of its messages, contacts, and other data from the phone. If you're fine with it then select Remove account and it will successfully be deleted.

Note : you may find difficulty in removing the primary account from the phone. This occurs because it is the main account you used to setup your device. In such case, first, add a new Gmail account and then try removing it. If this doesn't work then do a factory reset. But it should be noted that a factory reset will remove everything from your phone, so you better take the back up first.



How to remove Gmail account from Android phone
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I want a few tips for syncing my mobile Gmail app with my desktop application. It's not happening. For example, if I delete an email from my mobile, it still stays on my desktop app. I have to remove it from there again.

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