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How to play music across multiple Android devices simultaneously in perfect sync

14 November 2017 3

Many times we want to have an amplified sound from our devices, especially when we don’t have any external device to plug in and hear the high volumes. Well, technology is evolving and we do have some good smartphones offering crisp audio quality. However, they may not serve the purpose if you’re enjoying a mini party near a campfire or just having a fun in a get together with your friends. There can be many instances when we don’t have any stereo output or a Bluetooth speaker near us. So, in such situation, we rely on our smartphones.

Interestingly, there are a few apps that let you play music in sync across several Android devices and provide an amplified sound that’s not only clear but also crisp. These apps turn your devices into the wireless speakers and thus let you enjoy the music without any special setup. These apps are like Samsung Group Play that lets you play music simultaneously at the same time.

There are two good working apps that let you play music simultaneously on the different Android phones and thus create a portable sound system.

Play the same song at same time across multiple Android devices

AmpMe Android app

The first is the AmpMe app, which is free to download and lets you create your portable sound system. You just need another Android device nearby by your master device that will play the music and the host will start playing the music at the same time and thus have a perfect sync.

The best part is, AmpMe app doesn't only play music from your local music library but from other music sources as well. You can play music from YouTuber, Spotify, and SoundCloud, and get it in-sync with the other device. In the beginning, the app was only working SoundCloud but later on, it received an ability to play music from other major music apps too.

You just need to tap the icon of the AmpMe provided in the middle of the main page of the app and it will do the rest by recognizing the device nearby. If you started the party then you become the host or DJ, you can control which song to play, however, guests can come and play the music too but only if you want to. If a sync drops or you see if the sync is not happening well, then you can always tweak the Offset levels to take the music back to sync.

You can invite your Facebook friends and follow them to know when they're throwing their next party.

You can download the app for your Android device from below -

AmpMe | Android | Play Store, Free


Another app that can offer a surround sound system is SoundSeeder that quite quickly syncs and play the music. Setting this app up is quite easy and it recognizes the devices like a blink of an eye. You can stream music to multiple devices in different rooms As Ampme supports several music apps, the Soundseeder also supports other apps, however, Google Play Music is the only one app apart from your local music library.

Unlike Ampme, here, the master who plays the song, controls the music and volume remotely as well. In fact, it's the master that can tweak the Offset and thus take the music back to sync.

It should be noted that the free version of SoundSeeder is limited to max 2 speaker connections, for up to 15 minutes only. After this, you need to purchase this app. So, this could be a daunting for some.

You can read the SoundSeeder's FAQ if you find any difficulty or also write to us using the comments section below.

SoundSeeder | Android | Google Play Store, Free (In-app purchases)

So, these are the top 2 apps with the help of which you can play the same song at the same time on different Android devices. You can get an amplified sound without any additional setup.



How to play music across multiple Android devices simultaneously in perfect sync
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What a co-incidence while reading this story. I am already using the SoundSeeder and believe me, it rocks. I haven't used the AmpMe, though. But would surely like to try it out too.

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