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How to view deleted WhatsApp message someone sent you on Android

22 November 2017 5

WhatsApp brought the feature of “Delete for everyone” that deletes the message from both the ends; from the recipient and the sender as well. The company brought this feature quite late and while many are appreciating it, there are a few who even want to view the deleted messages. The latest delete message feature by WhatsApp isn't foolproof and does include a loophole with the help of which you can view the deleted messages on WhatsApp. But, there are a few limitations included while using this method.

Many messaging apps have this feature with them for a very long time. Unlike other apps like Telegram, the WhatsApp shows a label that a message has been deleted. There can be any reason that why the sender deleted the message, maybe it wasn’t intended for you or sent accidentally. Well, whatever the reason is, you’re just too curious to read that deleted message and unfold the unnecessary mystery tied to the message.

Here’s a method to read the deleted message on WhatsApp and limitations that come with this method. And, it should be noted that this is a loophole and the makers may soon eradicate it completely to make the senders’ messages more leak proof.

How to read deleted message of WhatsApp

  • First off, you need to download a notification history recording app that could record the notifications of WhatsApp when they come in. Here, I've downloaded the 'Timeline' app (download from Play Store).

  • The app will ask about certain permissions and to proceed, you would need to grant all of them. You can select apps to be excluded from recording notification history.

  • Now, you would need to open this third-party app in order to see the message that was sent to you on WhatsApp but was later deleted by the sender.

The Timeline app will store all the deleted messages but here are a couple of catches.

Limitations -

  1. This notification history app works only with Android phones
  2. Timeline app seems to be working fine on devices running Android Nougat, I tested on a device running Marshmallow and it didn't work. However, the app's description writes compatibility with devices running Android v4.4 and above.

There's one more app, which you can try and this is Notification History on Android. You can download this app from Play Store. Reportedly, you may lose track of these messages in case you restart the mobile device. Also, it doesn't allow you to read more than first 100 characters

Give a try to these apps and test by sending messages from a different mobile to your mobile and let us know how is this working for you.

Note : These apps were downloaded for a shorter period of time just to test the functionality. Users should carry out the steps at their own risk. Mobilescout shouldn't be held responsible for anything going wrong.



How to view deleted WhatsApp message someone sent you on Android
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