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Can the Razer gaming smartphone survive torturous durability tests?

28 November 2017 3

The Razer smartphone which was recently launched has already made a name for itself. Two of the most outstanding features of this gaming beauty has to be its 120Hz refresh rate and massive battery capacity. While the phone boasts of flagship internal specifications and brings a rather new concept to fruition, how durable is this so-called gaming smartphone? Can it withstand the test of time? Or rather, something like JerryRigEverything’s series of durability tests? Well, sit back, relax and watch another phone go through this gruelling process!

To start things off, the screen is tested to see at what level on the hardness scale it would scratch. It scratches at a level 6 with more prominent scratches at a level 7. This is amazing considering its only Gorilla Glass 3. The bottom and top of the phone are protected by a plastic grill with glass covering the front-facing camera and the proximity sensor. The sides of the phone are metal giving the device a more sturdy structure than a plastic one. The fingerprint scanner isn’t invincible to scratches and takes quite a beating but in spite of this, it continues to work.

Unfortunately, the rear-facing dual cameras retain the scratches inflicted upon them by the razor blade. This indicates that there’s some coating over the glass which shields them. It seems like it would be best to use a phone case for this device as scratches with keys to the back of the device will be permanent. It’s good to see the that the stunning Razer logo is embedded and isn’t likely to fall off.

The burn test which involves a lighter to the screen reveals how durable the device really is as it withstands the torture and the pixels recover as well. The last and final test is the bend test to check its structural integrity. The phone does flex a little and this test results in a small crack on the volume button but nothing else breaks and the phone is still usable. While it’s not the strongest of phones, it’s definitely one which can take manage a little wear and tear. Have a look at the full video here:



Can the Razer gaming smartphone survive torturous durability tests?
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Razer is doing the rounds for quite a while these days and these tests were the crest of them all. A small crack on the volume button shouldn't worry you too much.

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