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Instagram announces Stories Archives and Stories Highlights

06 December 2017 3

Instagram Stories is a proof that even if you copy something but do it better, you can be way more popular than the original creator. This is something we and specifically Snapchat knows quite well. Instagram made Stories format way more popular than it originally was which also helped it attract more users. Now, it has decided to take the feature one step ahead with the announcement of Stories Archive and Stories Highlights features.

Starting with Stories Archive, this feature does exactly what its name suggests. It is a private collection of all your Instagram Stories which can only be seen by you. It is basically Instagram's way of allowing you to relive your Stories even after 24 hours of publishing them on your profile. The best part is that you don't have to do anything to save them to Archive, the app will do it automatically soon after the Stories is expired.

As for accessing your archived Stories, it is same as you access your archived Posts. With this change, you will see an option to switch between Post and Stories Archive on the fly. You can then choose to view any particular story and share it as a post and even add to a new story on your profile.

The next feature is Stories Highlights which is basically a way of highlighting your stories on your profile which you think are the best or you love the most.These highlighted stories will appear on your profile page and right below your bio. They will appear there for as long as you want them to and there is no limit on the number of stories you can highlight.

Both these new features are being rolled out to Instagram on Android and iOS. You should look out for a new update on your respective app stores and install the same to start using Stories Archive and Highlights.



Instagram announces Stories Archives and Stories Highlights
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