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WhatsApp violates the French data protection act

20 December 2017 4

The famous messaging app, WhatsApp may be in the line of fire yet again. It seems like WhatsApp has been violating some French policies by sharing information like details of its users. Well, after Facebook took over the ownership of WhatsApp back in 2014, it seems like they wanted to keep a close eye on it as WhatsApp is sharing details and information with Facebook even if the users don’t have Facebook accounts.

CNIL in France has issued a notice for WhatsApp to cease such activities as in stands in violation of its policy. CNIL mentions that the information isn’t “validly collected” since it's users do not have a choice to accept or reject WhatsApp’s sending of information to its parent company. Furthermore, when asked to share the data of French users which was shared with Facebook, WhatsApp rejected the request, claiming that it was bound only to laws in the U.S.

This isn’t the first time that it has happened as WhatsApp faced the heat in court from Germany in January over exactly the same issue. It seems like WhatsApp feels that is out of the jurisdiction of French law for its policy to apply to it. While to some this may seem like a petty issue, at the same time privacy is a matter of concern and should not be violated without a person’s consent. Is this something which worries you? Let us know what your opinion is by dropping a comment in the section below!



WhatsApp violates the French data protection act
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This, if true, is really strange to see that whatsapp isn't sharing the details to the French government saying they are bound by US laws only. Where are you operating, whatsapp?


If WhatsApp is sharing details with Facebook irrespective of them having FB accounts or not, it means even if FB owns WhatsApp, they are working separately!

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