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How to make short clips and fast-forward videos quickly on Android

20 December 2017 4

We love to share self-made short clips or GIFs to our friends and family or share them on social media. Making short clips or GIFs quickly have become a lovable thing to do for everyone especially since the launch of Instagram's Boomerang. However, there aren’t many handy apps that let you shoot and send them quickly. You would first need them to shoot via your camera app of the Android phone and then convert them to GIFs using a third-party app then share them.

This whole process, which should actually take minimum time, eats a lot of time to convert and the most of the third-party apps include advertisements that can annoy you and bring down all your excitement. Here, comes a great app from Google that was launched back in July this year for the Android phones. The name of the app is Motion Stills and it lets you quickly create GIFs or short clips and fast-forward quickly shareable videos.

Everything you shoot using the Motion Stills app is immediately transformed into short, shareable clips. And, everything is just too handy and simple to use. It captures with a tap, just like taking a photo and then gives you an option to share with your various installed apps. You can select whether you want to send it like a GIF or a video.

It comes with two options – Motion Still and Fast Forward, while the former quickly capture, the latter lets you make a video and share with your friends.

Motion Stills Android

It renders the video in different formats, from 1x to 8x and you can select the playback speed you want to send to your friends. Just like the Motion Still, you can choose either GIF or Video format to send to your friends. This is the best way to reduce a longer recording into a short clip. You can also add the sound to it but it makes sense that availability of the audio is available only in 1x.

You can also stabilize your captured video or GIF by turning on the Stabilization option available in the Motion Stills app. You can also get to choose the resolution before capturing them so that they could look on your friends' phones. You can set it using the Settings page. You can also save the captures to the gallery, for this you would need to enable this feature in Settings.

So, that was a quick way of making GIFs and fast-forward videos on Android.

You can download the app from below -

Motion Stills | Android | Google Play Store, Free



How to make short clips and fast-forward videos quickly on Android
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Two things are noteworthy here - the options from 1x through 8x and controlling the playback speed. As a free app, these are quite a set of features to have.


The name of the app is very interesting, Motion Stills. Two contradictory names together. But the output is what matters at the end of the day.

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