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How to check apps RAM usage in Android and monitor them

25 January 2018 4

RAM, almost every one of us knows what it stands for but rarely we know the significance of the same. The Random Access Memory is a volatile memory that’s used by both the OS and apps in any smartphone or a system. But, here I’ll particularly talk about Android phones and methods that could allow you to check the RAM usage in real time. RAM stores the data of applications; the data could be temporary files such images or texts so as to load the requests quickly for a user.

Every app in the smartphone uses a separate space in RAM, this means with multi-tasking, the memory can get cluttered hence can affect the performance directly. So, it’s always recommended to free up the memory space so as to maintain the performance of your device. To have enough RAM space, it’s vital to check and monitor the RAM usage on your Android time to time.

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Well, the very first thing we all do or what every one of us has been advised is to clear the app caches time to time so as to free up the space of the memory. For this, there are many apps available that will help you clean the clutter, but, of late, I’ve started using this lighter app, Files Go that helps to remove the caches and cleans up the storage in a quite organized way.

RAM never stays empty and some background apps continue to use it if your device is idle or even when the screen is locked. These are some of the reasons that why RAM never stays empty and some apps start acting weird and crash suddenly.

Here are a few ways to check the RAM usage on your Android phones and monitor them so as to have a strong grip on your device and have a butter smooth performance.

How to check the RAM usage of apps on Android

Back with smartphones running Android KitKat or Lollipop, we used to have an option to check the Running apps which were accessible by diving into the Settings and clicking the Apps section. This section shows tabs, and one of them was “Running,” that used to show the apps running currently. Well, the system apps will continue to run in the background and take the memory.

  • Built-in option -

The figures you see in bytes will continue to change every second. By clicking on a particular app you will be taken to a new window that checks and monitors for the RAM usage of an individual app on Android. So, you can check which app is eating the maximum RAM and affecting the performance.

Another method to check the RAM usage is actually hidden, though it’s accessible without any special effort. This hidden method enables the Developer options. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be the developer for the same.

  • Developer options -

So, just follow the steps and get your thing done. Just go to Settings > About Phone and tap the Build Number repeatedly until the notification pops up and says “you’re just 1 click away to become the developer,” or if it pops up “you’re now a developer,” this means you have successfully done the first step.

Now, go back to Settings where you’ll find a new option “Developer Options.” If you’re using an older version of Android, then you may see “Process Stats” option that will tell you the average and maximum RAM usage. This option also shows the list of currently running processes.

But, if you’re like me, running Android Oreo (or maybe Nougat), then you may not find the Process Stats option. This may be available as “Running Services” under the Developer Options.

Clicking a particular app will open a new window just as we saw in the first method in older versions of Android. Here, you’ll be able to check which app is eating how much RAM.

Another way is everyone's favorite and this is the support via a third-party app. This Tinycore app takes a close eye on your Android phone's RAM usage and gives you stats about it. It's actually a system monitoring app that puts a tiny line above the battery and the clock in the system bar so as to visually display the RAM usage right away when you unlock your device. You can activate the indicators so as to keep a check on them, however, the free version doesn't give you the liability to use many indicators.

The app is compatible with Android devices running version 4.0 or above.

Download from below -

Tinycore | Android | Play Store, Free

So, these were some of the basic ways with the help of which you can monitor the RAM of your Android phones.



How to check apps RAM usage in Android and monitor them
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