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Samsung Galaxy S9 passes durability test with ease [video]

13 March 2018 3

The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with the same build as its predecessors but the company claimed to have used thicker glass and stronger aluminum to offer more durability to the device. Both the durability and these claims were put to test by the YouTuber JerryRigEverything who is now well-known for his durability tests.

The Galaxy S9 durability test starts off with the display scratch test where it showed signs of scratching at a level 6 on Mohs scale and started to register deeper scratches only at a level 7. These results are quite similar to what we saw with many other modern flagships like iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8. The story remains the same for the back panel glass as well which shows that Samsung has indeed used a thicker glass this time.

For the metallic part on the flagship, Samsung opted for an upgraded aluminum which was evident in the test as well. It was relatively harder to scratch or to put any kind of damage on the metal. The rear camera is protected with glass which makes it scratch proof. As for the fingerprint scanner, it can be scratched easily with a razor but the good thing is that it continues to work even after the damage.

The next part of the test is the display burn test and bend test. During the burn test, the Galaxy S9's AMOLED display performed well as it recovered from the slight damage it faced after exposure for 12 seconds but the glass was not able to boast the same. Lastly, the flagship performed impressively during the bend test.

You can check out the complete Galaxy S9 durability test video below:

The Samsung Galaxy S9 isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



Samsung Galaxy S9 passes durability test with ease [video]
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