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Instagram now allows adding hashtags and linking to other profiles in bios

22 March 2018 5

Instagram bio is a place which is used by people to help others know about them and what to expect from their profile. It allows users to describe themselves or share any information within 150 characters including the use of emojis. Now, Instagram has announced the ability to add hashtags and link to other profiles in an attempt to give more freedom.

Starting with hashtags, they can now be added to the Instagram bio just like it is possible in post captions. The app will even suggest popular and trending hashtags as a user will start typing after using the # symbol. The user can either choose to type the complete hashtag manually or simply tap on any of the suggested ones.

As for linking to any other profile, a user will need to use @ symbol which means it is like mentioning someone in a post or comment. Instagram will not be offering suggestions for profiles and as a result, you will have to make sure that you remember the correct profile username. Once you will save the profile, the app will automatically convert the profile into a clickable link.

It is worth mentioning that when you will link to someone's profile in your bio, that particular user will receive a notification from Instagram. This will give them an option to disable the link if they wish to. If that happens, the profile will be visible in your profile simply as a text instead of a link.

Instagram has been working on adding features to make it easier for users to find what they have been looking for. It recently released an update which allowed users to follow hashtags and see relevant posts directly in their feed.



Instagram now allows adding hashtags and linking to other profiles in bios
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I don't know what amount of "freedom" the new feature will offer, but certainly, the ability of adding hashtags will make it more flexible.

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