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Instagram finally adds Mute button to avoid annoying friends

24 May 2018 3

Instagram has received a number of features so far which are aimed at improving the user experience. But today, the team has announced a new feature which has been overdue for so long now. It is the ability to mute to certain Instagram accounts which many users were asking for a long time and Instagram has finally listened to them.

With the release of a new update, the Mute feature will become available to all Instagram users in coming weeks. It will allow users to avoid seeing posts from any Instagram account without actually having to unfollow it. Once an account is muted, its posts will not become visible on your home feed. This is a really useful feature as many of us have friends or relatives who keep posting annoying photos or just post a lot of times in a day. Since you know them, you can't unfollow them otherwise it would cause a dent in the relationship. This is where the Mute button comes into the picture

It should be noted that you will still be able to see their posts by visiting their Instagram account. You will not be able to see their posts only in your feed but they will be visible whenever you will check their profile. Another thing to mention here is that Instagram's Mute feature will also work on Stories. It means if you don't want to see Stories from any particular account, you can mute the account.

This new feature will be rolling out to all the Instagram users worldwide in coming weeks. It will be released on both Android and iOS platform. We will keep you updated as and when this feature will become available in the app.



Instagram finally adds Mute button to avoid annoying friends
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