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Twitter working on threaded replies and online status features

04 September 2018 3

Twitter is working on a couple of new features aimed at enhancing the overall user experience of the platform. One of them is the threading conversations and another one is related to sharing the online status of users. Both of these features are currently under testing and were revealed online by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Starting with the threading conversations, this feature will make it easier for Twitter users to make sense of a conversation. In its current state, everything starts to get messy as more and more people join a particular conversation/tweet thread. It gets difficult to find out who is talking to whom and about what. One generally has to scroll through different tweets to make sense of what exactly is the situation.

This is why Twitter is now testing the threaded conversations just like see them on Facebook and Instagram. It means all the tweets in reply of a particular tweet should become visible one after the other like a chain. It will all be possible from a single place instead of moving back and forth among multiple tweets or user profiles.

As for the online status feature, Twitter is currently referring to it as "Presence" which could also turn out to be the official name once it releases. It is aimed at allowing users to see whether a particular Twitter user is online at the moment or not. While users are appreciating the first feature, not many are happy about the online status. This is simply because the "Presence" feature affects one's privacy directly as others would know whether he is online or not. It will be an even bigger issue of concern for celebrities and anyone who is influential on the platform.

But thankfully, Twitter's Head of Product Sara Haider replied to one such concerned user that she “would definitely want you to have full control over sharing your presence.” This suggests that once Presence rolls out, Twitter will most likely also offer a way of controlling one's online status sharing aspect.

Twitter did not share any details about when exactly both of these features will be rolled out but we will keep you updated as and when it will happen.



Twitter working on threaded replies and online status features
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