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Microsoft’s Excel Android app to get AI-powered scanning feature

05 March 2019 2

Editing Excel sheets is a task especially if it’s a printed document. In case you want to edit the document, you need to recreate the entire spreadsheet on your system. Which mean typing out all the contents, alignment and editing the entire document to your choice. However, Microsoft has now introduced a new feature in its Android App which can eliminate this headache.

The new feature works like a lot of OCR apps available at the moment which extracts text from images and can let you edit and save the content at the same time. Microsoft has brought in AI while bringing this functionality to the application and is in beta version, being testing by the users.

  • Open Excel on your phone or tablet and tap the Insert data from picture button to get started.
  • Next, narrow in on your data until you see it surrounded by a red border, then tap the capture button. If needed, you can use the sizing handles around the edges of the image to crop it to size first.
  • Excel's powerful AI engine will process the image and convert it, to a table. When it first imports your data, it will give you a chance to correct any issues it discovered during the conversion process.

This feature is though not seen for the first time, however, its Microsoft’s AI prowess that makes the difference, as the app not only scans and extracts the data, AI ensures that it is able to identify not only the columns and rows but digits correctly as well.



Microsoft’s Excel Android app to get AI-powered scanning feature
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