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Spotify Premium Duo plan for two people under testing

29 March 2019 4

Spotify is testing a new subscription plan named Spotify Premium Duo. As the name suggests, the plan is aimed at two people living together like a couple or roommates. It is priced significantly cheaper than buying two individual Premium memberships which will definitely be appreciated by the targeted audience.

Spotify Premium Duo has been priced at €12.49 per month for the two people subscribing to the plan. The individual Spotify Premium plan usually costs €9.99 per month which means it will be worth €19.98 for two people. While Spotify has a Family plan as well, it proves to be a costly affair for only two people as it costs €14.99 per month.

Other than the benefit of money saving, Premium Duo will allow account holders to listen to music on two devices at the same time as well. This is not possible on the individual account where streaming is limited to one device at a time. There is also a new playlist called Duo Mix which will include music tracks matching the taste of both users. It will be relying on algorithms to make changes as users will start to use the app more and more.

This new plan is currently under testing in Chile, Ireland, Poland, Colombia, and Denmark. It should become available in the rest of the countries in the near future, one the team is satisfied with the testing results. It is worth noting that like Spotify Family plan, it is just for the two people to be living on the same address.



Spotify Premium Duo plan for two people under testing
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How many members allowed in a Family plan if they are getting it for %u20AC14.99 per month. Or is it just for two people even in a family? It can be interpreted like that too, so please throw some light on that.

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