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Nubia Alpha flexible display phone undergoes durability test [video]

09 May 2019 3

Nubia is one of the early adopters of foldable/flexible display technology as it unveiled Nubia Alpha at this year's MWC in Barcelona. It is a device which looks like a smartwatch but is being marketed as a flexible display phone. It has all the features of the phone including a camera and is claimed to withstand 100,000 bends before breaking. If you are wondering how much of that claim is true and whether it is a durable device, JerryRigEverything YouTube channel is here with its well-known durability test video.

It is worth noting that the Nubia Alpha makes use of the same flexible OLED display tech that Samsung uses for its Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone. It also has a plastic layer over the display which looks like a screen protector but as we have learned from recent Fold situation, it is not advised to peel that off. But starting with the display scratch test, Nubia Alpha's display started to show scratches at a level 2 and deeper grooves at a level 3. This is way low than standard smartphone displays which start to get scratched at a level 5 or 6.

In terms of build quality, Alpha is made up of plastic as well as stainless steel which is available on the band. The burn test saw the display's plastic layer melting into a small bubble and exploding. It means if you own or are planning to get this device, you better keep it away from any kind of flame. The device performed very well in the bend test as well, even when bent in the opposite direction to its natural bending.

You can check out the complete Nubia Alpha durability test video below:



Nubia Alpha flexible display phone undergoes durability test [video]
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The Nubia Alpha definitely scores one over the Galaxy Fold when it comes to the bend test. Bending the natural or the opposite way, the device still withstands everything.

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