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OnePlus 7 update brings DC Dimming, Fnatic Mode, and more

06 June 2019 0

A couple of days ago, the OnePlus 7 went on sale in select countries including India, the United Kingdom, and China. It is one of the best value for money Android flagships out there, especially if you don't want to spend a premium on devices like OnePlus 7 Pro. As there must be buyers waiting for their orders to get delivered, OnePlus has released a new software update which should become available right after the first boot and initial setup.

This update brings OxygenOS 9.5.4 with two major features called DC Dimming and Fnatic Mode to the OnePlus 7. Both these features were talked about during the launch event and now, they are making their way to the actual retail units. It is a 223MB update which means a WiFi connection is advised. Since it is an OTA update, you should receive an update notification automatically. Also, make sure to start the update installation process only if there is at least 50% charge left.

Starting with DC Dimming, it is the feature that helps avoid OLED display panel's screen flickering when the display brightness is set to low. This flickering is because of the way these panels handle brightness and once that becomes low, these flickerings become more noticeable. Even though not everyone can notice the flickers, it can still be eye straining for all users. This is the reason OEMs started to look for ways to avoid the situation and are currently relying on DC Dimming. The feature adjusts DC current to handle the brightness which can result in relatively poor display quality at low brightness but it helps avoid the flickers. It is also the reason DC Dimming has been added as an optional OnePlus Laboratory feature which means it is up to the user whether they want to use it or not.

Next up, Fnatic Mode is a mode meant specifically for those who want the ultimate gaming experience and nothing else. It has been created in collaboration with well-known eSports team Fnatic and hence the name. When the mode is enabled, it focuses on dedicating all CPU cores to the gaming task for maximum possible FPS, reducing latency while gaming, and blocking all types of notifications including even calls. In other words, this is a mode when you want to focus solely on gaming.

Other than these features, the latest OnePlus 7 update changelog mentions photo quality optimizations which should help users in getting relatively better shots. There is April 2019 security patch, smooth-scrolling experience improvements, and fingerprint unlock algorithm optimizations.

As mentioned in the beginning, the update has already started to roll out. You should see it on your OnePlus 7 right after the first boot and initial setup. But if you are not, you can either choose to wait or check for the update manually by visiting system settings.

(last update 20 September 2019 @ 16:43)



OnePlus 7 update brings DC Dimming, Fnatic Mode, and more
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