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Telegram makes it easier to add contacts, create local groups, and more

25 June 2019 0

Telegram updates are known for bringing tons of features that improve overall user experience. The story is no different for the latest Telegram 5.80 update meant for both Android and iOS devices. There are numerous useful features which mainly focus on making already available functions more convenient to use.

The first set of features is all about making it easier to add Telegram contacts. There is a new feature called Add People Nearby which lets you add nearby people on Telegram without having to type any details. The only thing that you and the people near you need to do is to open the feature by visiting contact settings. It will start scanning and will show profile pictures of Telegram users nearby you who also have the feature open. Tapping on the picture will add the contact almost instantly.

Next up, if you happen to receive a message from someone who is not on your contact list, the app will show you an option to add that person. This is a quick way of adding contacts even if you don't know the sender's mobile number. In case you neither want to add nor want to hear from them again, there is a Block option just next to the contact add option.

For those of you who like to be a part of the group conversations, Telegram has a feature to create local groups as well as the ability to join nearby groups. These groups are meant for people within a small radius of an area like within a building, hostel, a cafe or any such venue. These will be visible to only those people who within that particular area and will be open to joining.

The app update further adds an option to transfer group ownership. If you are the administrator of any group but don't want to be anymore, you can hand over the reins to any other group member. It should be noted that once you do that, the chosen member will become the group creator and will have all the admin rights. It means he even has the right to ban you from the group which means it is advised that you choose your successor wisely.

Telegram has added more freedom of control over notification exceptions. You can now choose to enable or disable notification message previews for specific chats. If you happen to have added a number of exceptions, there is a search function to find any of them easily. Lastly, there is a Delete All button to remove all the exceptions at once if you ever feel the need for doing so.

For Telegram users on iOS, there are a couple of extra features. Telegram is now compatible with Siri Shortcuts functionality which means you can now have a hands-free user experience. You can set shortcuts with custom voice commands for doing things faster. Additionally, the Appearance setting has received slight revamp as it now shows the theme preview before the selection.



Telegram makes it easier to add contacts, create local groups, and more
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