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Spotify Android widget removed after latest update

14 August 2019 0

When we talk about new updates, we usually discuss new features and changes but at times, some updates can also mean saying farewell to existing features. The latter is the case with the new Spotify update as it has removed support for home screen widget on Android devices.

Spotify's Android widget was basically a mini music player that allowed users to take control of music playback. It helped users avoid launching the app every time they wanted to skip a track, go back, play/pause song or check information about the currently playing song. It was a handy feature for those who used it but all of a sudden, the same widget has now been removed from the latest Android app version.

In a separate Spotify community post, it has been mentioned that Spotify decided to retire the feature as it sees the widget being redundant. All the things that were possible through the widget can also be done from the notification panel as well as from the device lock screen. This explanation from the company does make sense but if you were a regular user of the widget, you would surely miss it for the first few days.

As for those who already had the Spotify widget placed on the home screen, the widget will not disappear automatically. Instead, it will simply become non-functional. You will have to remove it on your own to clear the space but if you don't want to miss out on the widget, you can choose to refrain from installing the new version for the time being.

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Spotify Android widget removed after latest update
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