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Instagram may bring new Boomerang modes, Layout for Stories, and more

16 August 2019 0

Instagram is all about photos and videos and the ways to make them more fun while sharing with the world via posts or Stories. So, Instagram always brings new features and capabilities to the app so that to make your content more fun and amusing. Some of the features of Stories just jazz up the moments we share with the world but that’s not it as Instagram plans to make them, even more, happening than before.

According to the developer Jane Manchun Wong, who finds unreleased features of the apps has now shared some upcoming features of the Instagram app as well. Now, with the help of a blog, Jane has shared the brief of every new feature coming to the app. She looked into the code underneath Instagram’s Android app and found new and different modes for Boomerang. According to her research, there are at least 6 modes of Boomerang which may come soon.

For instance, 'Hold,' which pauses at the end of each loop and ‘Dynamic’ that wiggles at the end of each loop. The standard one, which is currently available is termed as ‘Classic’ and there’s a form of it called ‘Slowmo,’ which is just like the basic one but slower.

Well, Boomerang modes aren’t the only new functionality coming to Instagram as Jane has found shreds of evidence of more features as well. According to her findings, Instagram will bring Layout to Stories as well. Users will be able to add photos to the layout from Camera Roll. According to the web-based emulation she has shared there are many layouts to start with.

It’s unknown if Instagram plans to integrate the Layout within the app because currently, it prompts users to download the standalone app if they wish to post collages to their Feeds.

Another interesting feature is letting users share comments with the other. According to Jane, this new feature appears to be under testing. According to her finding, there will be a “Share” button next to each comment alongside the usual “Reply” button, something I'd like to have in YouTube as well.

Furthermore, one more feature to add here is the Notification Filters which Instagram is working on so to show you the specific category of notifications. This will be helpful for the influencers to sort through likes, comments, and new followers easier.

Note that it’s possible that all of the spotted features of the Instagram land up eventually. However, it’s equally possible that Instagram may change or completely abandon some of all of these features. But, it’s good to note that possible features.



Instagram may bring new Boomerang modes, Layout for Stories, and more
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