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NVIDIA GeForce Now game streaming support coming to Android this year

20 August 2019 0

NVIDIA has been beta testing its own game streaming service GeForce Now on PCs for quite some time now. But as rivals Google Stadia and Microsoft's Project xCloud have started getting closer to the release, it is also ramping up its effort to reach as many users as possible. In a similar attempt, NVIDIA has announced that GeForce Now will be coming to Android devices soon.

It made the announcement at Gamescom 2019 but did not go into specific details. It means there is no exact release timeline except for some time "later this year". NVIDIA further added that the service will come to Android devices "including flagship devices from LG and Samsung". It is another vague statement which does not specify whether the service will be limited to only these two OEMs in the beginning.

The only clear thing that we know for now is that GeForce Now on Android will also be released in beta stage and will be a dedicated app. It means even though the game streaming from NVIDIA is expanding beyond PCs, it still seems to be far away from being a prime time offering. It also made it clear that some titles would be unplayable on mobile devices unless a Bluetooth gamepad/controller is connected.

If you are interested in trying out GeForce Now free beta, you can visit the official page to register your interest. It is essentially a beta access waitlist which means registration does not guarantee that you will get to play the beta but it is the only way to try your luck. NVIDIA said that over 30 million hours of gameplay, spread across over 1,000 gaming titles, has been streamed through its servers.



NVIDIA GeForce Now game streaming support coming to Android this year
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