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Lenovo's Dimension of Heroes AR experience lets you become an Avenger

06 September 2019 0

Lenovo has collaborated with Marvel to announce a new AR experience named Dimension of Heroes. It is an AR experience that gives you an opportunity to become an Avenger and fight some of the well-known Marvel supervillains. This is similar to what Lenovo did with Star Wars: Jedi Challenges experience but this time around, it has released a slightly different Mirage AR hardware that is more apt for the new experience.

Dimension of Heroes lets you choose from six Avengers including Captain America, Thor, Star-Lord, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther. Each of these superheroes comes with his/her own superpowers and capabilities which you would be familiar with if you already know about the Marvel Avengers franchise. In case you don't, you will know about as you will play.

The AR experience has three different game modes with its own set of challenges and rewards. The first one is the Story Mode where you will be fighting against Dread Dormammu, Lord of the Dark Dimension. He will be accompanied by Loki, Ronan the Accuser, Ultron Prime, and the Winter Soldier as they all launch an attack on Earth. This mode will allow you to play as all six Avengers depending on the requirement of the storyline.

Survival Mode is the second game mode where you start as an Avenger of your choice. Your task will be to kill as many enemies as possible and climb up the global leaderboard. Lastly, there is a Co-Op Mode where you will be able to partner with your friend in the same room. You both will have to choose an Avenger avatar and fight against enemies for scoring maximum possible points.

In order to play these modes, you will be required to have a Lenovo Mirage AR headset, two controllers called Universal Controllers, a Tracking Beacon, a compatible Android/iOS smartphone, Dimension of Heroes app on the smartphone, and an active internet connection for online features.

The Lenovo Mirage AR device has been priced at $249.99 and is already up for purchase via Amazon and Lenovo. As far as the Dimension of Heroes app is concerned, it is a free download via Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Once you have the required hardware, you can play the Avengers AR experience as well as the Star Wars experience.



Lenovo's Dimension of Heroes AR experience lets you become an Avenger
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