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Here is how to install Google apps on Huawei Mate 30 Pro [video]

23 September 2019 0

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro is confirmed to arrive without any of the Google apps and services as Huawei is a part of the U.S. entity list. And for those who were thinking of flashing custom ROMs, Huawei has already revealed that it has no plans of making the bootloader unlockable. But before you get disappointed and think there is no way, you should keep reading as there is one very easy workaround for this major problem.

As originally shared by folks over at 9to5Google, the workaround for making Google Play services work and installing Google apps on the Mate 30 Pro is very simple with zero advanced technical knowledge required. This will allow you to use your new Mate 30 Pro the same way you use any other Android smartphone but as we say before sharing any unofficial method, proceed and execute the steps at your own risk. If anything goes wrong in any capacity, we can not be held responsible for the same.

With that necessary disclaimer out of the way, let's get started with all the steps to installing Google apps on Mate 30 Pro:

  • Visit http://www.lzplay.net/ on your Mate 30 Pro's web browser. You can use any browser, even the one that comes pre-installed on the smartphone.
  • Click the big Blue colored button to start downloading Google Services Assistant APK. It should be noted even though the app's name might hint but it has no affiliation of any kind with Google.
  • Install the downloaded APK like you sideload any other Android app.
  • Launch the app and grant all the permissions as requested. Follow all the steps on the screen until it completes the process of installing all the files and frameworks.
  • Once completed, you will find Google Play Store application installed on your device. Launch the app and sign-in with your Google account to proceed with all other Google app or any other Play Store app installation.
  • If you are unable to sign in to your Google account, simply restart your Mate 30 Pro and you will be good to go.

Here is also a short video demonstrating all the steps for a better understanding.

As we said before, do follow the procedure and tutorial only if you are okay dealing with any unexpected issues that may arise thereafter. If you have never done anything like this before, it is better to not proceed ahead. If you decided to go ahead and follow the steps, you can share your experience with us using the comments section below.

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



Here is how to install Google apps on Huawei Mate 30 Pro [video]
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