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Spotify Wrapped 2019 year-in-review feature shows songs that kept you hooked on

06 December 2019 3

Spotify’s much-awaited Wrapped 2019 is now out and ready to offer insights on what kept you in sync for the last 12 months. The feature identifies your top annual tracks, most played songs, artists, and genres and present to you the streaming statistics in a sleek slideshow filled with titles and album arts.

You can access the Spotify Wrapped 2019 from the official site or from Android or iOS devices. Of course, the official site needs you to log in to get through the insights. It offers the stats in a slideshow on the desktop and in a Stories-like fashion on Android or iOS devices.

It is a great reminder to check which song you played the most during specific months. Starting from January, the feature tells you about your most played songs between the months. Take, for instance, it shows “in 2019, your sound changed with the seasons,” followed by the album arts of the most played artists and songs. The Wrapped 2019 offers stats in almost 11-12 Stories-like fashion.

This also includes how many times you spent listening to your favorite artist. One insight introduces you to your top 5 artists, another to your global streaming. Another gives you an insight over your favorite genres in a graph-like arrangement inside the Stories, of course. Also, you can look into your most played Podcasts.

The feature also offers a shortcut to add all your top played songs of 2019 into a library. You just need to tap it and all of them get added. The last insight summarizes your top artists, top songs, top genres, and the total number of minutes you listened to them on Spotify.

These are your personal stats that Spotify presents to you but to advertise its Wrapped 2019 feature even better, Spotify gives some general insights via its campaigns. These hoardings share insights like the most common/played data from around the world. One of the hoardings found in Europe shows “Reply All” was one of the top-streamed podcasts of 2019.

Spotify Wrapped recaps have even gone viral on social media and it became a Twitter moment as well.



Spotify Wrapped 2019 year-in-review feature shows songs that kept you hooked on
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