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Android 11 to expand video recording limit beyond 4GB

27 December 2019 0

If you don't know it already, there is an interesting Android fact that you should know. Android has a video recording limit of 4GB i.e. you cannot record a single video over 4GB using your Android device. This is a limit imposed by Google in early 2014 and has been there since then. But as per a new XDA report, Google is working on removing the 4GB video recording limit with the Android 11 release.

The report cites a new AOSP gerrit commit related to Android's media class updates. It mentions that Android will "use [a] 64bit offset in mpeg4writer" that will allow Android “to compose/mux files more than 4GB in size.” Google is said to have done successful testing of the functionality where it was able to record videos over 4GB and even fill the complete internal storage of the test device with a single video.

In the current scenario, Android automatically splits a single video into multiple files once it reaches the 4GB limit. It means if a single video should have been a 12GB file, it gets saved as three separate files of 4GB each. The video splitting happens automatically and without sharing any alert/notification with the user. It means you will not realize that the video has been split while recording it but when you will check the phone gallery or file manager, you will find more than one file.

The idea of applying a 4GB limit made sense in 2014 as most phones used to arrive with less than 32GB of onboard storage. Even the usage of microSD cards was common but things have changed now. Modern phones usually feature at least 64GB storage and devices support 4K video recording that means you are likely to reach the 4GB limit very easily. As a result, Google's plan to uplift the limit is undoubtedly a welcome change for both app developers as well as users.



Android 11 to expand video recording limit beyond 4GB
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