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Uber is bringing Ride Check, PIN verification, in-app recording to India

09 January 2020 0

In an attempt to ensure the safety of riders and drivers, Uber has announced three safety features that it will bring to India. These are Ride Check, PIN verification, and in-app recording functionality. Some of these features have already been available in various other markets but they will become available in India for the first time.

Starting with the first one, Ride Check is a feature where Uber will get in touch with both the rider and driver to make sure that everything is good. It will do so when it will notice an unexpectedly long break or any kind of irregularities in the ride. It added that it is the driver's phone which will be used to decide whether to make a call or not.

The PIN verification feature is aimed at helping riders identify the correct cab. Uber will show a unique 4-digit PIN next to the details of the ride and the driver. A user will have to share this PIN with the driver who will have to enter the same on his smartphone. A ride can be started only when the correct PIN is shared by the user and entered by the driver. This will eliminate the situation where a user ends up entering the wrong car.

Lastly, Uber will offer in-app recording functionality which can be used for recording the whole ride. These recordings can be shared with the company in case of any dispute or issue of any kind. This feature will be made available to both riders and drivers. All the recordings are said to be encrypted so that privacy is maintained.

Uber has not shared an exact timeline for the rollout of these new features to Indian users. It seems like these will be released in a phased manner and at a gradual pace. It means some users will receive them sooner than others. We would suggest you keep an eye on any new Uber app updates to ensure that you get these features as soon as they are released.



Uber is bringing Ride Check, PIN verification, in-app recording to India
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