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Server problem affects all Google Glass units rendering them unusable

14 January 2016 0

Google Glass Explorer Edition’s users are slowly and steadily shrinking in number with each passing day. To add to that, it now looks as if the device is facing extensive technical glitches since this morning. It was reported by a number of Glass Explorers group that several devices are resetting on their own, are not able to set up and are becoming purely unusable for a quantity of days now.

One Google Glass user writes:

“Google Glass, any word on this issue? I did a factory reset on my device last night to try and fix the issue, only now it won’t let me setup Glass now.”

This is not the one off case. As a matter of fact, these problems had first surfaced on January 5 and it does indeed look like that’s pretty widespread. The issue has affected each and every Glass user to an extent. There were all kinds of problems like the device impulsively hard resetting at night and couldn’t be set up. Other users spoke of a screen displaying a message that reads “Google password incorrect” in the place where they should see calendar cards and maps.

Comments from some Glass users are:

“I posted as well. Did this earlier today :( And I just dropped $400 on a unit, had to replace it, then this. Hope they aren’t killing glass units.”

“My Glass thinks that it is now a new unit and needs to be setup. Unfortunately, the setup process fails. There is clearly something amiss.”

“This is not good, same just happened to me, makes me think there killing the units off. Anyone get there units working?”

“Same here. Around 4:00pm Akst. Mine no longer pairs, screen works, audio appears to work, just cannot get it to pursue and connect.”

“Same problem guide told me they are aware of this issue. Server issue engineering on it hopeful no more than a day. Mine isn’t password incorrect it’s failed to set up account. Said effecting everyone. Getting email when corrected.”

It is understood that it was a mere server problem and that the Glass guide has seconded the issue. A fix is underway and it remains to be seen how long it is, before things are back to normal.



Server problem affects all Google Glass units rendering them unusable
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