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Rumor | Sony Xperia X will most likely be water resistant

14 June 2016 0

The Sony Xperia Z series was always a water resistant smartphone. However, Sony had come forward to announce that it wouldn’t make sense to carry the phone in the vicinity of wet atmosphere. What’s interesting to note is that Sony had advertised the phone as a useful device to shoot underwater. What’s more, the Xperia Z5 was able to differentiate between the human finger touch and a drop of water.

Another Sony device, the Xperia X was also tested how it performed under water. Even after being fully soaked inside the water for 2 full minutes, the phone was in perfect working condition.

The Z series of the company featured water resistance and even as Sony kept on denying, the feature, before long had grown mainstream. Guesses from the Sony fans were pouring in that the Xperia X might also have a similar feature and it came out to be true. For this smartphone too, Sony didn’t claim the phone to be water resistant either. The reason for this also looks to be the same what it was for the previous series.

It’s confusing to understand why Sony has been denying their phones to be water resistant even when they are. It probably comes thanks to nano-coating. And if it acts, no wonder, Sony will have to hear all sorts of things in the open. And if they did go on to affirm things, they should have warranty case on its hand as well.

Another thing that Sony is taking into consideration is the bad impact it can have on its devices if they come in contact with chlorinated water, or hard/salty water. These things can have more dreadful effects than the device being submerged in plain water.

The Sony Xperia X isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



Rumor | Sony Xperia X will most likely be water resistant
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