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Huawei rumored to be working on its own smartphone OS

23 June 2016 0

Yesterday, we reported that Huawei is all set to release EMUI v5.0 which would be closer to the stock Android experience while retaining EMUI's exclusive customization features. But it looks like EMUI is not only the software that Huawei is working on. A report from The Information has mentioned that the Chinese smartphone brand, which got worldwide attention after releasing the Nexus 6P, is currently working on its own smartphone OS.

The new smartphone OS is said to be a secret project at the moment with no confirmation whether it would ever be released to the public. The report states that Huawei is working on this new OS for being on the safer side if in any case Google decides to change the current Android OS usage model for OEMs or brings any other kind of change. Huawei wants to have a backup option if anything in the future forces them to quit Android OS for their smartphones.

Huawei has reportedly hired a former Apple designer for designing the new smartphone OS' UI and has a team consisting of former Nokia engineers working on the development in Scandinavia. At the moment, it is unknown whether the new OS is being built up from the scratch or it is based on Android.

While it is a rumor at the moment with no official proofs, it should not be surprising if it comes out to be true because we have already seen Samsung working on its own Tizen OS alongside releasing Android-based devices. It is true that Tizen has not received the attention that Samsung might have expected when it comes to phones but it has proved to be a great OS for smartwatches and other smart home products. Moreover, Samsung also has an option if it would like to or might have to part ways with Google.



Huawei rumored to be working on its own smartphone OS
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