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Meet the Snapdragon 821, fastest chipset by Qualcomm

11 July 2016 0

With a market where smartphone companies are releasing new flagships every six to twelve months, it is difficult for a chipmaker company to keep up with this pace. A chip design can take between two to three years to make. But, this time gap is widely reduced by Qualcomm. The company has announced the successor to the Snapdragon series processors – The Snapdragon 821, in just months after the release of the Snapdragon 820. Snapdragon 820 currently powers some of the most powerful devices in the market which include the LeEco Le Max 2, Zuk Z2 Pro, HTC 10, Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge, LG G5, Xiaomi Mi5 etc.

The Snapdragon 821 will retain the quad-core Kyro CPU cluster with the 14nm chip, but will now offer faster clock speed of 2.4GHz (as compared to the 2.15GHz on the SD 820). The Snapdragon 821 SoC will have a 10% performance gain over the SD 820. The SD will also have the same 600Mbps Snapdragon X12 LTE modem, just like the one in the 820 and will be used in Ultra HD voice tech for improved voice quality and Upload+ for faster downloads.

In the blog post, Qualcomm mentions that the Snapdragon 821 will “complement” its high-end SoC lineup:

Rather than replacing the Snapdragon 820, the 821 is designed to complement and extend the competitive strengths of our Snapdragon 800 lineup.
Because the Snapdragon 820 helped improve the user experience for mobile imaging, virtual reality, battery life, and connectivity speed and reliability, all the updates we've included in Snapdragon 821 will help keep devices powered by Snapdragon 800 premium-tier processors at the top of people's shopping lists into the foreseeable future.

The clock-bumped SD 821 will be sold alongside the two SD 820 models. Qualcomm isn’t saying which phones will be powered by the 821, but rumors suggest that atleast one of the two new HTC-made Nexus phones will include the faster chip. Qualcomm assures that the new chipset will set a new bar for smartphones, tablets, mobile VR, head mounted displays and other new devices. The commercial devices powered by the 821 will be available in the second half of 2016. More information will be revealed soon. So stay in touch!



Meet the Snapdragon 821, fastest chipset by Qualcomm
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