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Samsung's Turbo Speed Technology optimizes RAM performance for mid-range devices

28 July 2016 0

Not long enough had Samsung launched the Galaxy J2 (2016), the company released the Galaxy J2 Pro with some new features. The Pro model packs a larger amount of RAM, a total of 2GB as compared to the original 1.5GB on the J2. Samsung has additionally added a new feature for RAM management, named the "Turbo Speed Technology," (or TST for short). Though much information on this feature wasn’t explained before, Samsung has now released a new video explaining the importance of this new software.

According to the company, the new Turbo Speed Technology is able to load applications upto 40% faster as compared to other smartphones with double the amount of RAM and without TST. Samsung’s engineers have achieved this by combining the “smaller apps + proactive app management + intelligent memory control.”

Firstly, Samsung “re-engineered” the RAM required by the essential applications including the Camera app, Gallery, Contacts, Messaging and so on to make them lighter and to require a smaller memory footprint. Apps from “multiple page format” were then re-arranged to “a single page format.” This increases the RAM availability even further. The second step was to implement a new “proactive app management” system managing the inactive apps and improving multi-tasking. This system intelligently finds the inactive apps and kills them not only from RAM but also from the Kernel. His provides a huge boost to the RAM availability.

Lastly, even though the RAM availability has increased, it is a totally different aspect to manage the cleared RAM. For this reason, Samsung has created a new “intelligent memory control,” designed to re-arrange and declutter freed space in order to make “more RAM available at any instance.”

Thus, in all Samsung’s TST technology is focused to improve the performance and multitasking through better optimization, as opposed to relying on third party apps and powerful hardware components to achieve the better results. Assuming the well-advertised technology, Samsung might also use it in their upcoming mid-range smartphones as well.

The Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



Samsung's Turbo Speed Technology optimizes RAM performance for mid-range devices
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