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[UPD] New Images of Motorola Camera Moto Mod pops up online

24 August 2016 0


This Mod is leaked recently in a number of photos and today a new image of this Mod appeared online showcasing the luring camera Mod in detail. Although alleged price tag of this module is quite high and it is one of the most expensive modules manufactured for this year Moto Z lineup.

The leaked image of this Moto Mod appeared on most popular Chinese Social media site Weibo. As I mentioned above, the image leaked today is showing the Mod in a clearer view and also the manufacturer logo Hasselblad is stamped on the front facing side.

At the moment, it is still unknown how much the aforementioned brand Hasselblad is involved in manufacturing Moto Camera Mod or they just provide help in the development of the camera module of this Mod. What we heard so far and what we have seen on the latest leaked image, one thing is confirmed that this Module has all the abilities what we can expect from a high-end camera sensor.

During 2016, only two manufacturers bring innovation in their smartphone lineup. Initially, LG unveiled their flagship G5 with modular design and its mods were named as “Friends”. Later on, Lenovo unveiled the Motorola Moto Z lineup with Moto Mods and these mods are much better than LG’s Friends. The Moto Z lineup devices are Moto Z and Moto Z force.

The LG friends invade the device body whereas Moto Mods works outside and connects to the device via a connector pin like a magnet attach to metal. The rear primary camera has a hump on the rear side and it does fit in such a way that it acts as a stabilizer.Up till now, Motorola releases a number of Moto Mods but one of the key Moto Mod which everyone is looking forward was a Moto Mod camera module manufactured by Hasselblad.

At the moment there are three Moto Mods available with Moto Z lineup. First Mod is for expanding Sound known as JBL SoundBoost Speaker. This Mod act like a Bluetooth speaker so Moto Z users will not have to carry Bluetooth speaker separately.

Second Projector is named as Insta- Share Projector, using this Moto Mod Moto Z device will become a projector. Last but not the least the battery Moto Mod which is a portable battery of 2,200mAh. However, now everyone is looking forward to a new Moto Mod for the camera and this Mod is being manufactured by Hasselblad.

Well, this new Moto Mod is expected to bring some real power to the Moto Z to grab high-quality photos with perfect colors even in low light conditions. The upcoming camera Moto Mod is allegedly leaked by TechDroider today and the images shared by them shows the functionality of this Mod.

To enhance picture quality in low light conditions, this Camera Mod is featuring a Xenon flashlight and an optical zoom of 10X. This Mod can be switched on or off manually using the smaller yellow button whereas the larger button will be used as a shutter button. The Mod ring will Zoom out and Zoom in so that user can take the clear picture even after zooming.

Well, we have to admit that the camera Mod built by Hasselblad will allow Moto Z users to snap perfect photos in nearly all conditions. Well, we have to wait for the release of this Mod so that we can confirm whether this will truly enhance the picture quality or not. At the moment, its price tag is slightly higher and it looks like this will be unveiled for $300. This is a bit costly for a mod but we have to remember Lenovo announced that next gen of Moto Z devices will be compatible with current gen Moto Mods.

As far as availability of this Moto Mod is a concern, it is still unknown but there is chances company might announce this product at IFA 2016 event. We will recommend you to take this picture with a grain of salt as nothing is from official sources.

  • The Motorola Moto Z Force isn't still available online. To be notified when it becomse available click here.
  • The Motorola Moto Z isn't still available online. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



[UPD] New Images of Motorola Camera Moto Mod pops up online
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