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ZTE Axon 7 is fairly easy to teardown but replacement parts are hard to find

15 December 2016 3

The ZTE Axon 7 is one of the best smartphones released by the Chinese manufacturer and has even impressed the users from the western markets like the USA. The phone features great specs, good build quality, good software, cool gestures and that too for a price relatively cheaper than the competition. But if you were wondering exactly goes inside this phone that makes it tick, then the answer is here in this Axon 7 teardown video uploaded by none other than JerryRigEverything.

As the Axon 7 does not have any screws on the outside, the teardown process starts off with softening the glue that holds that two plastic speaker grills on the top and bottom front panels. Once those are out of the way, you will see your first encounter with screws which are four at the bottom and two at the top. The next step is to remove the back panel from the front panel which are attached together with the help of a fingerprint scanner ribbon cable.

After this, the teardown is mainly about disconnecting the battery followed by getting connectors and ribbon cables out of the way. It is a fairly simple process if you know what you are doing. During this process, you will also come across a White colored dot at the top which is basically a liquid damage indicator and will turn pink if comes in contact with water. So you better make sure that no water gets there otherwise your phone's warranty will be voided instantly.

The next step includes removing the motherboard, front and rear cameras, and the processor. It is worth mentioning that ZTE has soldered the 3.5mm headphone jack at its place which means you can't really do much about it unless you really want to. The overall Axon 7 teardown is fairly easy to achieve except for the battery and display part.

For the display, ZTE has adhered both the AMOLED panel and the glass to the mid-frame which makes it almost impossible to remove them without damaging it. Coming to the battery, it is also adhered to the whole panel with no pull tabs to take it out. So if you want to take it out, make sure you do it with utmost care otherwise you might end up puncturing it.

So while it is quite easy to dismantle the ZTE Axon 7, it's quite hard to find replacement parts for the phone. You can watch the complete Axon 7 teardown for yourself below.

The ZTE Axon 7 isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



ZTE Axon 7 is fairly easy to teardown but replacement parts are hard to find
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The description in the article looks okay. But when it comes to the video, things look different again, like, the actual teardown. I think I will need to have a look at the video and the story again.


This is the second teardown I saw today after the Fossil Q smartwatch. What I found in that teardown was that it was easy to repair the watch. But doesn't look the same for this one.

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