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Top 10 best Android games of 2016

01 January 2017 0

The gaming experience on smartphones is much improved in last year or so and thanks to the latest Android Nougat and Vulkan API, new Android games are becoming better and better. The increase in passion for this year Android games was never seen before because this year we have seen some pretty impressive titles and as the year end is around the corner, it’s time to enlist top 10 Android games of this year, not all of them were released this year but still majority of them were released in 2016.

Android platform didn’t lack behind iOS as far as gaming is a concern, that’s why when you search Google Play you will find tons of options of different genres. Today’s roundup for sure will help our readers to have an idea of which Android games remain on top this year. Our listing does include games of different genres so that everyone can find the best option according to their likes. In short, we do have best games for every kind of gamers who likes to play games on Android platform.

Pokémon Go:

As expected Pokémon GO is so far the best Android game released in 2016. This game took the whole world by storm and since its release millions of gamers played this game all around the globe. Soon after its release, everyone was seen holding their smartphones and walking around to catch Pikachu.

This Game appeared on gaming scene back in July this year and soon after its release it becomes hit. Augmented Reality is the new innovation and Pokemon Go implements this innovation for catching Pokemon while traveling around in the real world. Thanks to enormous load on servers, Pokemon Go players’ faces server issues but other than that indeed it is one of the best Android games released this year. Although it’s a free game but it does have the in-app purchase option. The downloadable link of the game is given below.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition:

The Minecraft is one of the popular game which is played by gamers of all ages. It attracts new gamers and opens a new giant world for them in which they have to mine stuff. In Minecraft, the players will have to build stuff and also beat up enemies.

This game has an initial survival mode in which players have to mine resources including food whereas there is a creative mode as well in which players get unlimited stuff. The latest major update to Minecraft Redstone was released back in 2015 which brings a number of new stuff. The Microsoft team is behind Minecraft, they confirmed tons of new features will be released in next couple of years. The game is available for $6.99 and it doesn’t have any in-app purchase, all you have to pay once. You can download the game by clicking the link below.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the latest game from Grand Theft games developers. The new game is pretty much in line what we have seen in Grand Theft Auto games. The new game brings a number of improvements in the story line, graphics, the new world to explore and plenty of hours of gameplay.

In this game, the player will join a gang member who is just returned and now will retake revenge from his neighborhood. It is pretty large size game in, though user don’t have to pay for in-app purchases but the game basic price is $6.99. You can download the game by clicking the link below.


The Crashland is recently released this year. It is one of best Android game ever appear on Google Play scene. As the name suggests, this game is about a trucker who accidently crashed on an alien planet. In this game, the player will have to build a base and collect different items.

All these items have to be crafted during gameplay and at the end, the player has to same that the world from evil. The game has RPG element from character building to crafting items and the good thing is game automatically sort inventory things for users. The game has tons of tweaks during game play and we recommend our readers to give it a try if they can pay $4.99 for this exciting game. The only payment is the standard fee as there is no in-app purchase.

Fallout Shelter:

This game was released back in 2015 and achieved a pretty big fanfare within few months after release. The game is well appreciated by not only gamers but also reviewers as well. The game name clearly showcases that player will have to build a fall shelter. After building it, all you need is to populate it and then manage everything in a good way. During managing, you have to send out dwellers to make sure supplies are reached on time and you also have to fight against evil guys.

In this game, players can make babies. The substantial depth of Fallout shelter can easy accommodate player for months and it's available for free of cost, however, there are in-App purchases in the game. To make sure players don’t bore developers releases fresh updates at regular intervals

This War of Mine:

The game is a war genre game as the name suggests War of Mine is a war game and it was awarded as the best war game last year. It’s a survival game in which player have to lead civilians which are stuck in the city affected by war.

During this play, the players will have to make critical decisions which have long lasting impact on the survival of civilians. One of the best war games with high-res graphics and although it has no in-app purchase but it’s one of the costlier war games available online at a price tag of $14.99.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

The Geometry wars 3: Dimensions is another war game which is one of the best game available on Android Google Play. The fan base of Geometry 3 is pretty huge and the reason behind is team produces best indie games on the regular interval. At the moment their latest game is one of the best indie game currently available in the market and the latest iteration brings 3D maps which makes the game more fascinating and tough.

The game has total 100 levels and total battle modes are nearly 12. The game brings top level HD content with superb graphics. Although $9.99 is quite a high price tag for such games but the good thing is it don’t have an in-app purchase option. The game downloadable link is given below.


Most of the free games do have in-app purchase, same is the case with the one of the best zombie shooter game UNKILLED. The game is developed by well-known developers MADFINGER, who already releases games like shadow gun and Dead Trigger series. The latest UNKILLED game replaces the older Dead Trigger 2 and becomes one of the best Zombie game currently available in the market.

The graphics of this game are pretty great and it has missions above 300 with high-level zombie fights. During the game, the players have to unlock a number of things including missions and weapons. However, if the user wants to play online, it can be played using PvP mode. Although it’s a free game but definitely worth testing. So if your avid gamer, you should give it a try by clicking the link below.

  • UNKILLED | Android | Google Play Store, Free

Riptide GP Renegade

Without any doubt, we can claim that Riptide GP games are one of the best options available for racers on Android platform. The latest game from the team is Riptide GP Renegade. In this game, the player will be a racer who was involved in an illegal street race and as a result loses credentials.

From there onwards, the player will have to race to regain top position. The best thing about this racing game is its cheap price tag of $2.99 and after paying this small fee, you will not see any ads or in-app purchase options. All you have to pay a small fee once and you will get all features of this exciting racing game for the lifetime. The keen race games lover can download this game by clicking the link below.

The Room series

Last but not the least we do have a puzzle game in our list as one of the best games of this year. The new game of Room series is as successful as its predecessors. For those readers who are unaware of the Room series games, let me make it clear for them. This game comprises of a room which has a number of the unique objects, all you need is to solve the unique objects puzzle so that you can know their secrets.

" target="_blank">

Once first room is clear, the next missions bring different rooms filled with a number of unique objects and to win this game, you will have to solve all puzzles in different rooms. The high-res graphics and attractive gameplay drove players to solve puzzles and entering into the new room with new unique object puzzles. This game can be purchased for $4.99 and doesn’t have in-app purchases.


The best Android games in our listing are of different genres, and there are still a number of games which can be part of top 10 but we do have to include only the best options currently available on Google Play. We do include best AR games, best fighting game, war games, race games and at the end a puzzle game. All the best games either do have in-app purchase options or they simply have price tag.

The price tag of games varies from game to game and developers. However, most of the games available in the market are below $10 except few. We are keen to know our readers views regarding the best Android game of 2016 available on Google Play. It would be interesting to know any best smartphone game which our readers think should be included in this list. Do mention it in the comments section below. Stay tuned to MobileScout for more in-depth listing and reviews.



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