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Unofficial Sailfish OS port now available for Nexus 5X

27 January 2017 2

If you are a Nexus 5X owner and looking to try out a new ROM or OS on the device, here's good new for you. A senior XDA member m4r0v3r has released an unofficial Sailfish OS port for the Nexus 5X. For uninitiated ones, Sailfish OS was released by Jolla for its devices but since it has now stopped manufacturing, the OS has now been licensed to other brands.

As for Sailfish OS on Nexus 5X, the unofficial port is currently available for download and is running smoothly on the device except for a few drawbacks. The fingerprint scanner, camera, and Bluetooth functionalities are confirmed not to be working which seem to be because it is an initial build. One can expect things to get fixed and better as more updates will arrive in the future.

But the developers has mentioned that features like music, calls, WiFi, data, and texts are working on Nexus 5X's Sailfish OS build. It means it's not like your device will become almost unusable after installing the port. There is also a quick overview video showing the Nexus 5X running Sailfish OS.

If you are interested in trying this out on your Nexus 5X unit, you can grab the port and follow all the instructions by clicking the source link below. It is the official thread so if you have any questions or doubts, you can also ask them to get answers.



Unofficial Sailfish OS port now available for Nexus 5X
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