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The "Brave" Honor 6X couldn't withstand scratch and bend tests

01 February 2017 0

Huawei’s sub-brand Honor launched the 6X smartphone in October and since then it’s getting much anticipation and now it gives a tough competition to other latest affordable smartphones like the newly in the league Redmi Note 4. The device is somewhat better than the Redmi Note 3 in terms of camera, however, Honor 6X holds a better grip in this department. Also, we saw it standing against its counterpart Lenovo K6 Note in speed test and the result was again in favor of the Honor 6X as it loaded up the apps faster.

Now, the famous YouTuber JerryRigEverything is checking the durability of this affordable handset. The video will tell you the withstand power and endurance of the Honor 6X gadget. The YouTuber started checking the scratch resistant power of the device with the same Mohs scale of hardness tools that he usually uses.

The glass used for the display is not scratch-resistant as it started leaving leaves the scratches at the level 4. Other smartphones he tests usually leave the scratch at the level 6 and seeing Honor 6X getting scratches so easily simply reflects the glass isn’t strong enough. According to the YouTuber, this could be either due to Soft Glass or imperfections in the glass. Also, the sticker he applied on the screen for writing the number of levels didn’t come out clearly, it leaves the sticky paper behind.

However, the good news is the dual rear cameras are protected as the razor blade didn’t affect it. Scratching the top and bottom brutally shows that some amount of plastic is integrated into the build as well. That’s obvious as Honor 6X is a budget gadget and we can’t think of premium quality substances adorning it.

Moving on, it’s time to scratch the fingerprint scanner and again this is a brutal attempt. After scratching, Jerry checks if the scanning works. Unfortunately, the smartphone couldn’t recognize it. Surprisingly, there are other smartphones like Honor 8 that survive these scratches.

Talking about Heat test, the device withstands this test and showed the display is indeed IPS. However, the device surrenders in front of the bend test. The LCD under the glass shattered completely and the phone becomes unusable. This happens because there are zeros screws holding the back panel and it’s much easy to pop off it instantly.

Many phones including the budget ones survive this bend test, but Honor 6X just surrenders and the result is awful, not only the glass but the LCD got also shattered.

Well, I believe if you’re buying this budget smartphone, you’re less likely to harm this device to this much extent, however, fatal incidents happen. So, you should better be aware and handle it with care because if it is sitting inside your pocket with your car keys it will be unlikely to resist any scratches, not even the mild ones.

The Honor 6x isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



The "Brave" Honor 6X couldn't withstand scratch and bend tests
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