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What to expect from OnePlus in 2017

08 February 2017 0

OnePlus is one of the most appreciated brands in Android smartphones vicinity and the reason behind its huge global success is bringing high-end specs at an affordable price tag. OnePlus is just three years old but in these three years the company build brand image and brings impressive smartphones.

The company kickoff with the OnePlus One with the infamous invite system back in 2014 but last year was hugely successful for the Chinese new player as they managed to release two flagship smartphones in the same year and both achieved success. Last year OnePlus 3 was first company’s smartphones which were up for sale to everybody and the company offered this handset in new markets as well.

Traditionally when a new flagship smartphone is almost six months old, everyone starts expecting the next flagship from the manufacturer, same is the case with OnePlus 5. The companies OnePlus 3 is almost a year old that’s why now everyone is keen to know about OnePlus next flagship. What kind of innovation new smartphone will be bringing is an important question in everyone’s mind. As last year Google replaced their Nexus lineup with new Pixel lineup that’s why OnePlus smartphones are often referred as the successor of Google Nexus niche.

OnePlus certainly will be following this trend in 2017 as well by bringing new flagship with latest top notch hardware at a much affordable price tag. The OnePlus main strategy is to gain business on the basis of pricing that’s why the company paid special attention to prices and hardware specifications.

Now after OnePlus 3T success, everyone is expecting another flagship killer smartphone from OnePlus in 2017. As rumors mill never stops that’s why rumors start appearing and give us a sneak peek view of what to expect from OnePlus’s next flagship smartphone.

2017 flagship naming

Starting with the naming scheme because usually after a 3 model, the successor is unveiled as 4 but that’s not the case with the OnePlus smartphone. The reason behind not using OnePlus 4 is not a mystery. There are myths that 4 digits are considered as bad luck in China that’s why we have rumors that OnePlus might skip the 4 digit by unveiling OnePlus 5 to not associate with the unlucky number.


With each new flagship smartphone, the OnePlus is enhancing their build quality. The new smartphones are not packed with solid metal chassis but instead, their premium design challenges the other top flagships in the market.

Although so far OnePlus uses metal chassis but as per latest info, the company is planning to bring ceramic design with glass. We have seen OnePlus adopted this kind of design for the OnePlus X. In 2016, we have seen Samsung adopted the glass and metal sandwich design, similarly, Google also uses the glass in designing of Pixel smartphones. This indicates it won’t be surprising at all if OnePlus also adopts glass for designing of OnePlus next flagship instead of all metal body.


OnePlus is adopting the Full HD displays from past couple of years. Back in 2015, the company’s flagship OnePlus 2 was featuring the LCD screen whereas last year the company brings 5.5-inch Optic AMOLED display. Though the display type is changed but the pixels density of all three devices remain same at 401ppi.

The upcoming OnePlus 4/5 is expected to have slightly reduced the display of 5.3-inch with a quad HD screen resolution. The decrease in display size and the increase in resolution will increase the pixels density up to 554ppi.

Even though the company brings top notch hardware but they lacks as far as display resolution is a concern. In 2016, OnePlus 3 all competitors were featuring 2K screen resolution, so we are expecting OnePlus will take care of this aspect of the upcoming flagship device.

Although the quad HD display is not noticeable to the human eye but that doesn’t matter, what matters is if OnePlus wants to call their flagships as flagship killer then they should bring quad HD display. As we heard before that more 4K display smartphones will be announced in this year, so to remain in the business 4K display is a must.


OnePlus could also adopt dual rear cameras likeLG, Huawei, and Apple flagships are successful because of dual-rear cameras. We can expect the company might also bring this feature on their upcoming flagship. All aforementioned companies used different tech for the dual rear cameras.

Huawei Leica certified cameras lens are featuring RGB and monochrome sensor, LG adopted a normal camera lens alongside wide angle camera lens. There was a report suggesting OnePlus might use their dual rear camera lens for AR reality feature, however, it seems like this is speculated by the OnePlus fan, so don’t take it seriously.

In case if OnePlus didn’t adopt dual rear camera setup, for sure it will have the better camera than the OnePlus 3T 16MP module. Up front, the company might stick with the 16MP module but on the rear side, the company could adopt a wide angle camera with better pixels count.


What we have seen so far, OnePlus adopts the latest chipset for their flagship smartphones. At the moment, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 is the latest high-end SoC available in the market. During Q1 2017, none of the smartphone manufacturers will be able to produce their flagship with the latest chipset and the reason behind is quite obvious as the South Korean giant Samsung already booked the entire production stock of latest SoC till April this year.

So the wait for the new Soc will force the OnePlus to delay next flagship at least until June. Alongside latest chipset, it could have 8GB RAM on board with built-in memory up to 128GB.

The latest OnePlus 3T is featuring Snapdragon 821 with 6GB RAM and 64GB storage, so aforementioned expectations are pretty much possible. The increase in RAM will certainly boost the next flagship to make it a flagship killer device. If rumors of AG reality with dual rear cameras is accurate then for sure OnePlus will compete well against their competitors. The battery is one concerned area of everyone, OnePlus for sure will increase the next flagship battery capacity up to 4,000mAh. The latest OnePlus 3t is featuring 3,400mAh battery.


From last year, OnePlus releases their smartphones with their own OxygenOS, for sure the next smartphone will have their own OxygenOS. Currently, the Android Nougat latest version is 7.1 and most of the third-party Android smartphones are running on Android Nougat 7.1, there are chances the company could announce OnePlus 4/5 with the latest built with OxygenOS customized UI or they can announce with 7.0 and later on roll out the latest Android OS version.

OnePlus UI main focus is to bring clean UI with enhanced Doze mode. There are two kinds of themes in OnePlus UI, one is dark for night usage whereas for day usage the theme colors are light.

Release date

Last year OnePlus 3 flagship was unveiled back on June 14th, in 2015, the company launched the OnePlus 2 on July 28th. The first OnePlus smartphone was made official on April 23rd. This indicates the company didn’t follow any pattern like other big giants including Samsung, LG, and Apple.

OnePlus released a more powerful variant of OnePlus 3 as OnePlus 3T on Nov 15th. So the company for sure will take at least six months before unveiling the next flagship killer smartphone. LG, Huawei, and Nokia are expected to bring their flagship smartphones at MWC 2017 event. However, we are expecting OnePlus will wait at least until June to announce next flagship smartphone. It is still not officially confirmed so we recommend to take it with a grain of salt.


At the moment, nearly all details about the upcoming OnePlus is based on speculation as the device launch and release is still few good months away, we are expecting more details regarding the OnePlus 4/5 will surface in next few months. Most details aforementioned will be either confirmed or entirely negated. However what we mention today will certainly help the OnePlus fan to raise their expectations of what they can expect from OnePlus next flagship smartphone.

At the end, it is important to mention that you can’t expect anything concrete before late spring, so stay tuned to Mobilescout for more details regarding the upcoming flagship smartphone.

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