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LG G6 Preview : Ticking the right features at a very right time

14 March 2017 5

Since the unveiling of new G-series LG always tries to acquire market share from their local rival Samsung as well as try to compete with other Android OEMs in the market. LG's G-lineup flagship was attained the successful market couple of times but the company's G-lineup was never stable as Samsung's Galaxy S-lineup. LG also tries to attract customers with low pricing as opposed to other Android flagships.

Last year modular G5 was not successful at all but instead, it was a failure because of lack of Friends modules. It was initially rumored that LG might ditch the modularity from G-lineup and will bring a brand new flagship smartphone from scratch. However on Feb 26th it got confirmed that LG ditch the modularity"
LG was very confident that this year G6 will fade away the disappointment of last year G5 and the new flagship will be on success track from day one. So far it looks like LG was accurate about their G6 assumptions because they managed to sell more than 20 thousand units of G6 on the first day of release in South Korea. We compared the LG G6 with nearly all the competitors currently available in the market.

Today we are doing a hands-on preview of LG G6 to give answers to all those buyers who are planning to grab LG G6. We will be covering all details regarding the G6 in this preview. For sure our preview will help LG fans to decide whether you should grab LG G6 or not. Once again, we are going to start with the design as it is the first thing which speaks for itself. Let's check out the design details of luring LG G6.

The G6's design main aspect is its display. On the announcement event, LG highlighted the fact that reason of adopting this design is that the company wants to bring large display at the same compact body. No doubt, LG successfully achieved what they aimed. The LG G6 is featuring the 5.7-inch display which doesn't look large thanks to minimal bezels on the top and bottom side. Hence the user can enjoy content without the distraction of bezels.

We have to appreciate LG's engineering effort as the company managed to embed a large display in such compact body that it doesn't look a large display smartphone at all. The round edges around the display give the device a pretty luring device and also the company suggested that the round edges can resist pressure much better as opposed to right angle corners. The device is also IP68 certified which allow owners luxury of using the smartphone in water up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes without any damage.

Another good thing is that this year LG G6 dual rear camera snapper is not protruding but instead it is completely flush with on the device whereas the fingerprint scanner/ power button is placed slightly low below the camera sensors. The glass design on the rear side is slightly curved so that device can be grabbed easily. The glossy design of G6 will surely attract fingerprints.

The power button on the rear side won't be appreciated by everyone because unless you pick up the device, you can't unlock it which is not welcomed when the device is laid down. However, LG solved this problem by bringing double-tap-to-wake feature which allows the owner to unlock the device by double tapping the display. Despite all of this, it would be better if LG placed the power button on the side bezel.

There are only two physical buttons on the left edge of G6 which are volume rockers. LG stuck with the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack placed on top side whereas the speakers and Type-C port are positioned at the bottom side. Overall the new G6 is completely revamped design and it is rigid enough to bear the daily usage grind. It is a solid smartphone with glass and metal sandwich design.

The G6 one of the selling feature is its display because it is not like a traditional smartphone but instead, it is diagonally larger than every other smartphone available in the market. The company crosses the trend of 5.5-inches with usual aspect ratio. LG enhances the aspect ratio to 18:9. That makes it one of its kind smartphone.

Its quad HD screen resolution is 2880 x 1440 pixels. No doubt it is an aspect ratio but the device looks amazing while holding and for sure will be a treat for those who watch media content on their smartphone. It has pretty amazing color accuracy and viewing angles are also sharp. The display is of LCD type but still, LG managed to have quite amazing contrast ratio.

Another prominent feature of LG G6 display is it supports HDR10 and one of the first smartphones in the market with Dolby Vision. Nearly all popular video streaming services like Netflix supports content for this aspect ratio, so there won't be any black bars.

Android apps have the ability to adjust at any screen resolution, this means almost all apps will fit perfectly at this aspect ratio. However, there are few apps which need to be adjusted aspect ratio manually so that it can fit perfectly. Same is the case with the gaming apps.

As expected the G6 comes pre-loaded with the Android Nougat as OS. It is specially optimized for the aspect ratio of G6 and brings tons of camera features. It is way lighter than earlier Nougat builds from LG. As I mentioned the camera app is bringing special features and new Square is one of them. With this new feature, the owner can snap two images which fit perfectly in two square half of the display.

Now gallery images can be scrolled as it will be shown on the side while using normal mode for snapping images. By default, there are apps for QuickMemo, Clock, Contact, Tasks, Music, Calendar, and Calculator. The good thing is, now you can remove junk from the smartphone using Smart cleaning app.

As being LG's customized version of Nougat, it comes with three versions of the home screen. The first one follows the traditional route and provides apps drawer whereas there is second home which doesn't have the app drawer. Last home screen is dubbed as Easy Home which enlarges everything so that navigation becomes easy for users.

Like last year LG flagships, this year G6 also has Always-on screen feature which allows the user to check basic notification and clock without unlocking the device. There are the number of options to customize app icons, the number of the aspect according to your requirement.

Alongside the display, the second most prominent feature of G6 is its dual rear camera setup like its predecessor. The G6 is featuring a normal lens alongside the wide-angle camera. The user can choose between both lenses by tapping the icon in the main app. In G5, both the sensors were not equally powered but that's not the case with the G6 as its both modules are of 13MP which makes sure results remain awesome whichever sensor is being used.

Both the sensors impact is quite evident as the normal lens produces great results in portrait mode in limited space whereas in landscape mode images quality isn't affected thanks to the wide-angle camera lens. We can claim that these sensors are more helpful in capturing good quality images than iPhone's 2X zoom secondary lens.

The rear camera results of G6 are noise free, Although it won't produce results HDR results like the Pixel-lineup camera but still the images are pretty great. Up front, the camera lens is of 5MP wide angle camera lens which can capture wide-angle images of 100-degrees. It can take selfies in both normal modes with limited capturing space whereas if wide-angle image tap is pressed, it will capture anything within 100-degree radius.

Hardware specs
Under the hood, the LG G6 is powered up by the Qualcomm's Snapdragon 821 SoC, it is accompanied with 4GB RAM. To make sure it doesn't overheat, the device is featuring heat pipe. Unfortunately, it is not the latest Snapdragon 835 which is under the hood of Xperia XZ Premium but the SD 821 is second in the top of the line chips from Qualcomm. Last year almost all top of the line flagships of H2 were featuring SD 821. Last year user complaint about G5 lagging behind in opening new apps as opposed to competitors but that's not the case at all with the new G6. The device zip in and zip out of the apps at a very rapid pace and the user won't also face lagging behind problem at all. Let's check out other hardware specs of this device in tabular form below.

LG G6 specs in tabular form




5.7-inch Quad HD


148.9 x 71.9 x 7.9 mm


163 grams



Operating system

Android Nougat

Front camera

5MP wide angle

Rear camera

Dual cameras 12MP

Fingerprint scanner

Rear side mounted




Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, WiFi Direct, hotspot

The G6 is featuring a 3,300mAh battery cell which provides awesome battery life thanks to the enhanced version of Doze. It can easily survive the whole day on single charge. Even connected with wireless devices it still has battery until bed time. As we all know with the latest Nougat, Google brings an enhanced version of Doze which makes sure device kills background working to use less power. In the idle mode for more than 10 hours, it consumes only 10% of battery.

The best thing if you don't have much time to charge your smartphone, you don't have to worry as it will charge from 0 to 50 within 35 minutes and within an hour of plugging in, it can be charged up to 80% which is quite relieving.


LG G-series were never on regular success track that's why LG has to experiment after every new iteration but with the G6, it is evident LG try to make everything right what they did with earlier G-lineup devices. The solid G6 impact is so strong that for sure LG fans will almost forget that it is successor device of half bakes modular smartphone.

LG's G6 customizable software allows a number of tweaks to the user, the rear camera snapper produces awesome results and the user can compare the results with the Pixel lineup and Samsung's S7-lineup devices. LG paid special attention to display crispness as well as the build quality.

Although most of the apps and services do support 2:1 aspect ratio by default but still there are few apps which don't work perfectly and the user will have to adjust their ratio manually. All in all, the LG's latest flagship G6 gives premiums from every single inch and has the ability to challenge all the top of the line flagships in 2017. The Samsung's Galaxy S8 will have to face imminent resistance from another South Korean competitor LG G6 soon after the release.

The LG G6 isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



LG G6 Preview : Ticking the right features at a very right time
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In the first place the battery itself is powerful with 3300mAh power and with Nougat in place, a feature like Doze adds to the firepower. Good job :D :D

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