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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S8 Plus battery drain test

17 April 2017 3

Samsung Galaxy S8 is here and ever since the device got launched, it has been seeing vivid competitions. Be it the speed test comparison with its own family member, a comparison with a gadget from its nemesis or a scuffling comparison with the freshest piece in the market. Samsung had it all and will see more such comparisons in the long run. Next up in the lineup are some of the tests that aim to test the durability and endurance of the Galaxy S8. We recently saw a pathetic test conducted on the device to check if it outdoes all the pain and comes out as a beast.

Now, Galaxy S8 is going through another test, but this time with its sibling Galaxy S8 Plus. The YouTuber conducted a battery drain test as a comparison between the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. The latter has 3500mAH battery capacity whereas the former holds 3,000mAH capacity.

The YouTuber conducted four tests to check the battery drainage between the two. These include the App Usage, YouTube playback for 2 hours, gaming test for 60 minutes, and lastly is 4K video recording to death. The test began with App Usage test.

Initially, the flagships were charged to 100%, also the brightness was set to 100 percent as well as the YouTuber wanted to test who will drain the battery faster, Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus after a few hours of intense usage. The YouTuber also places the third phone as a timer, so as to check how much time both of them will take to drain the battery completely. It’s a beast vs beast test, so, let’s begin!

After 60 minutes of the Instagram usage, Galaxy S8 battery drained to 87% whereas the mark of the battery of Galaxy S8 Plus touched 88%. Now, after the second test, which is the YouTube playback for nearly 1:20 minutes, the Galaxy S8 Plus drained the battery to 66% whereas the Galaxy S8 reached the 64%. So, again Galaxy S8 Plus won here.

Next up is to check how much battery will drain when the two devices play extensive games. Indeed, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are the two best smartphones for gaming, but are they able to long last with you? Once again, Galaxy S8 Plus despite having the big screen than the Galaxy S8 Plus won the race and held the battery juice at 53%, on the other hand, Galaxy S8 reached 50% after playing the games for 60 minutes.

Next up is the 4K video recording for 60 minutes and once again, Galaxy S8 Plus outdid its smaller sibling by keeping up the battery juice at 20% (drained -33%). Galaxy S8, on the other hand, stayed at 13% (-37% drainage). Because the batteries didn’t drain to death, the YouTuber conducted one more test by playing the games on the two with flash On.

Finally, Galaxy S8 is dead after the 6 hours 12 minutes of extensive usage. Galaxy S8 Plus, on the other hand, still held the 7% battery juice.

Watch out this video –

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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S8 Plus battery drain test
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The good thing about the comparison is that both these variants are of the same company and both are same models as well. It's just the standard and the Plus variant that makes the difference.

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