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What to expect at Google I/O 2017?

16 May 2017 5

Google head Sundar Pichai started this year by announcing I/O 2017 will be held in May this year and finally, the wait is over I/O 2017 is scheduled for May 17th. As expected, at the event the tech giant will be the unveiling number of new things. The I/O event is not only special for App developers but also the techies have a keen interest in this yearly show.

Like always, Google update developers about the latest innovation in which developers have to work for the next year whereas techies are informed about upcoming products which Google has plans to bring in next few quarters. Now as the official date is confirmed and we have much info regarding the upcoming event. To help out our readers, team Mobilescout is bringing a detailed guide about what to expect at this year Google I/O 2017 event. For those who are unaware, let's start with the info regarding when this year I/O show will kickoff.

Google I/O 2017 schedule

This year I/O event will kick off on May 17th and will end on May 19th. The venue of the event is Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View. The most important part of the event will be the keynote from Google officials in which they reveal developments and future plans for the upcoming year. As per Pacific time, the event will start at 10 am whereas for the UK people timing is 6 PM.

Will it be live streamed ?

Last year, Google streamed the Keynote event, so we are pretty much sure same will be the case for this year as well. Ahead of Google I/0 2017, we will update our readers from where they can live stream the event. At the moment, we can only suggest that keep a close on the Google's Developer Youtube channel, we are expecting the event will be live streamed there.

What To expect at Google I/O 2017?

Google recently updated the official site page of I/O with the schedule and a countdown clock. Google last year event and agenda of this year show gives us a pretty good idea of what to expect at this year show.

Last year, Google announced their Android N at the event alongside the first Alpha developer preview. The company also highlighted the key features of Android N including a completely revamped UI, updated version of Doze, split-screen by default support and allowing users to reply directly from the notification panel. That won't be the case for this year because Google already announced Android O and its Alpha version is already out for developers.

The new Android O is bringing a new way to respond notifications, icons are more adaptive now, pip (picture in picture feature) and autofill are amongst few. For sure, Google will be putting some light on these aspects so that everyone can understand it. We recently heard that Google is internally working a new project known as Project Treble which will allow third party manufacturers to easily roll out software updates.

We also heard that Google is internally working on a new OS dubbed as Fuchsia OS. It is totally different from Android OS, Google builds it from scratch and its apps are shown in a scrolling list. Well, we are not aware whether this project is fully ready to be displayed or Google do require more time to showcase it to the public.

Android Wear

At the moment, the latest version of Android Wear 2.0 which was officially announced last year and currently most of the Android watches currently available in the market are running on it. LG's recently announced Watch Sport and Style are the latest smartwatches running on the latest Android Wear 2.0. However, the watches yet to be made official for the UK customers.

A number of older smartwatches in the market including the Huawei Watch 2, Fossil Q lineup are already running on the latest version. We can expect Google will be revealing more details regarding features of Android Wear 2.0, there are chances new iteration might allow users to call directly with their Smartwatches even when the smartphone is switched off.

Google DayDream platform

Back at I/O 2016, Google indicates how much they are interested in taking the Daydream platform one step ahead by going beyond the Google Cardboard and bringing their own smartphone which is Daydream enabled. After Cardboard, now Google is offering a special VR headset which is Daydream enabled. Not just that the company also offers other manufacturers to join in the race and become Google's DayDream partners by producing their products with DayDream enabled.

We can expect more announcements regarding the project from Google and new products from its partners. To compete well against Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, we are expecting a top tier VR headset from Google. This VR headset will be bringing an awesome experience all in all without the smartphone.

Another important development is HTC's lead designer Claude Zellweger joined Google and according to him, the HTC Vive and HTC 10 were designed by him. So we are pretty much Google will be bringing something interesting regarding the Daydream platform at the I/O session.

Chrome OS

Google recently brought Android apps support for the Chrome OS which allows Chromebooks owners to fully utilize Android apps. After the support, we have seen few new Chromebooks unveiled with this feature. Apart from that, Google yet to bring something interesting as an update to the Chrome OS. At the event, we are expecting Google will be bringing new features to the Chrome OS or few new products with Android apps support.

Android Auto

Google entered in the Vehicles segment by bringing Android Auto. Ahead of I/O 2017, Google already made it clear Android Auto is coming to more vehicles. It will be a complete in-dash system which provides a number of features without the support of smartphone. There are chances, Android Auto will be offered as a standalone app as well so that user can use it on multiple vehicles after connecting it with infotainment system which already supports Android Auto.

The Jerman Car manufacturer Audi and Swedish Car manufacturer Volvo's upcoming cars will have Android Auto support in their infotainment systems. So if you have the smartphone or not, you can get access to Google Assistant and Maps directly from your car. All eyes are now on the I/O session where the tech giant will be revealing new system.

Google Assistant

Last year, when Pixel lineup was unveiled, Sundar Picha reiterates the advantage of machine learning and how AI is changing the life style of users. During his speech, he announced Google Assistant as the latest most powerful AI assistant which replaces the older Google Now. The Google Assistant is been introduced to a number of apps including the Allo as a bot, Google Home speakers are pre-loaded with it, new Pixel lineup smartphones and now a couple of new Android flagships are pre-packed with the Assistant.

The I/O 2017 agenda also reveals Google is up to something as far as Google Assistant is a concern. During the keynote, Google has two sessions for Google Assistant as "Building apps for the Google Assistant" and "Bringing the Google Assistant to any device". Both the session's title indicates Google want to bring Assistant to more devices as well as want to help developers to bring Apps with Assistant support.

Google Home

At last year I/O event, Google reveals AI powered speakers as Google Home which listens user commands and prompts accordingly. The Google Home was initially available for the US customers only, now the company is shipping it to further markets as well, recently it was made available for the UK customers.

It Assist you in performing daily tasks, you can connect it to all smart products to manage them. Google recently rolled out V2.3 update to Google Home app which give us idea that it will be bringing support for cloudcast and third party speakers can also utilize Google Home platform. We are expecting a bunch of new features will be unveiled at the event.

Google Allo

Allo messenger app was introduced to the public for the first time back at I/O 2016. However, Google didn't bring any new feature to the app in the meantime. The App has chat bot which allows the user to smart replies automatically. The app also uses Google Assistant features up to some extent. At this year event, we are expecting Google will be bringing more attractive features to the Allo app chat or it could have full-fledged access to Google Assistant.

It is also recently integrated with Duo video app which now allows the user to make voice and video call directly using this app. You can also make new stickers based on your selfies.

Google Duo

The Google Duo is video calling app announced last year at I/O 2016. The app works on both Android and iOS platform and its main feature is to bring video calling. Now its key feature is integrated into Allo app, let's see what will be Duo future. Google could bring new features to this video calling app. Let's wait for the I/O event kick-off session regarding Duo.

Project Tango

Google not only stepped into VR reality with their Daydream platform but they also entered into the Augmented reality arena as well with Project Tango. Google's project tango tech is based on depth-sensing as well as motion tracking in an augmented 3D world. Recently at CES 2017, we have seen a number of new manufacturers also unveil their AR products. Google has sessions planned for the Project Tango, so we can expect plenty of new exciting features related to AR at the I/O 2017.

Project Fi

Google is working on the cross-carrier platform as well under their Project Fi which allows users to automatically switch to different carriers network while using the mobile network. At the moment, only Google Pixel and Nexus devices are compatible with this tech, we are expecting more compatible devices will be included in this Project.



What to expect at Google I/O 2017?
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The Daydream project by Google is picking up pace. The brand is there, the first thing, and the second thing is that daydream has dedicated partners too. So, there are compatible devices too.


Google Assistant has a sound competitor in the form of Samsung Bixby. It just remains to be seen how the new changes in the Assistant make it more worthy.

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