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Android O new battery menu tells how much battery used in foreground vs background

19 May 2017 5

Android Nougat has long been criticized for its poor battery management, due to which many smartphones who received this update got victimized by the users. Many smartphones are experiencing the fast drain of battery ever since they received the Nougat update. Now, Android O will soon arrive and according to Google, this area has especially been taken care of in the latest OS version.

At their Google I/O 2017 conference Day 2, Google explains new actionable battery menu of the Android O and how does it work?

Google is majorly focusing on the battery life in Android O by considering the behavior of background apps, like what apps should exactly do when they’re in the background. Android O now includes new battery settings menu that presents your usage in a more understandable way. Instead of showing how much juice an app is using, the menu will tell you how you use the phone.

Android O Battery Settings menu will tell you how much battery percentage the apps are consuming in the foreground and the background. It shows the amount of drain as a percent and the amount of time you actually used it. Tapping even further on any of the apps will tell you more about your usage. The battery usage screen will tell you how much of its battery usage happened in the background and for how long you were actively using the app.

At the top of the usage stats for individual apps will be the buttons to force stop and disable/uninstall. And, at the bottom, there are links which are helpful for providing you battery optimization and background activity settings. It should be noted that this all applies to mostly the stock phones and Samsung, LG, and others are likely to swap in their own battery stats.



Android O new battery menu tells how much battery is consumed in foreground vs background
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Having an integrated battery settings menu would be the best thing. Actually, instead of having third-party apps for battery status and other things, it'd be best to see it integrated in the stock Android itself.


If we are able to understand where a battery is getting used up a lot, it'd be easy to program things as to how and where the battey is getting consumed.

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